I found a module for sale, PCTC – DSC Escort Voice Module, The module includes a built in interface to control up to 32 X10 units and four. Escort Pctc – Dsc Escort Voice Module, manual related issues. Get free help, solutions & advice from top Escort experts. LCDz – DSC Full message LCD keypad for power series control panel . PCTC ESCORT MODULE WITH BUILT IN THERMOSTAT INTERFACE.

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The system’s voice prompt gives plain language prompts in English, French, or Spanish, directing you through the system. So, you could hardwire areas of the house with easy access for wiring. The central monitoring station can activate all intercoms to conduct two-way conversation or to listen in on any room.

What will this module work with? Customized Commands, Access codes. Each zone input can be individually programmed for any type of protection door, window, motion detector, glassbreak sensor, etc.

DSC X alarm module PCTC

Not sure what you need? Also adds 4 high current programmable outputs for door strikes, bells, and more. Home Help Search Login Register. The wireless sensors can be assigned to zones 1 to 32 only. Each PC zone expander adds 8 zones to the main panel capacity.

The module is typically used for fire applications and is only available in Canada. These pc5580tv are all solvable.

Each station has a separate microphone and speaker. Adamek Newbie Helpful Post Rating: SMF – Just Installed!

Telephone Interface & Automation Control Module – ESCORT TC Security Products | DSC

Each sensor is supervised for low battery and tampering. T hermostat control supports also up to four EMS thermostats. Prints 40 or 80 column on printers with baud rates of,or Thanks guys, with your impute and some research I found some manuals that cover some x10 basic install pc5580td that I think should work well. Help your fellow customer. The manual states the options are endless, I guess its time to read more pc55580tc forum Product was successfully added to your shopping cart.


PC works only with power c.

PC5580TC – DSC ESCORT Voice Module

The 8 zones of the basic Power a good fit for small-to-medium sized homes. Here, you can find the information what you need, then how to connect it and what you can achieve using DSC and X Features a orthogonal antenna arrangement for better RF reception.

The internal intercoms can operate like a speakerphone and answer incoming phone calls. Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or mark holders. Description Specifications Reviews Questions. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Program up to 6 words per label, pre- programmed system words, pre-programmed pc55580tc words.

Transmit 32 X commands. You will not hear the voice prompts for any option that is not activated on your system. Are there wiring instructions on how to properly daisy chain an additional device? Not compatible with PC Dscc receiver module, which can be placed anywhere on the system, will receive signals from up to 32 wireless sensors. Adds 8 programmable outputs to the alarm system. Wireless Receiver pc – Allows the alarm system to print reports to a serial printer. Powered By Solo Build It!


The Escort TC Voice Assisted Security Control provides easy to understand audible information about the status of your security system, and makes operation simple by prompting the user through each operation. Adds 8 programmable outputs to the alarm system.

The telephone could be any telephone that is on the same line as your security system, or an outside telephone which may be used to call the security system. October 11,dac I would try to run a new wire from the panel to the location of the AC remember they have to be within 25′ of the glass Due to the location I am not going to be able to run a new wire. March 04, Besides DSC alarm products, they have a complete line of dc from several other manufacturers.

I only endorse products and services that I truly believe to be an honest value for you, as a visitor to pc5850tc site.

Intercoms can also broadcast burglar and fire alarm events. The PC module is both a dual-line dialer module and an 8-zone hardwire expander module that can be used with the power series control panels.

The DSC Power 1832

Module contains extensive library of voice prompts pc55880tc this unit talks back to you. Remote telephone access is available from your car, your office, or even your vacation spot. Up to 32 individual user codes can be programmed into the DSC security system.

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