A rough guide to Drakensang. Poradnik do Drakensang. Autor: remainaery. A sketchy, mostly spoiler-free guide to make your life a little easier. 40, o, Harp of Time · Ashraya, J’Ibal, Abyss of Time. 40, o, Seeds of Eternity · Ashraya, J’Ulda, Atlantis above Water. 40, o, The Assistant · Ashraya, B’Ala, Atlantis. The River of Time – Gandalf. Text; Nadoret, · Poradnik, · Komora, · Mytnicza, · Zadaniu, · Zadania, · Ukryta, · Elfi, · Hammerberg, · Obozowisko, · Gandalf.

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In fear, she will tell you about a relationship between Alvina and Danos 8. She will let you in only if you promise to kill Yasmin.

He cannot find it however and asks you for help. R Destroyer of Mummies. Key to the dwarven tower and Breastplate of Fire Meet up with Arom in the Tower Leave the cave slaying the hordes of skeletons and spiders as you go. Wood Take the wood back Return to Laurelin and give him his wood.

You will be told that there has been little diplomatic activity with Murolosh recently and that diplomat Gerling has been sent to meet with king Arombolosh. You’ll refuse to take the money.

Find Mage Rakorium IT seems almost impossible for those two to find their mentor, so you’re their only hope.

Drakensang: The River of Time – Opis przejścia, questy, mapy

Find the loot Loot will be hidden in a chest 11 on a wagon. You will also receive an owl skull, which will come in handy later. Better Vantage Point From chapter seven on: Treat Fluffy with a Be Calm spell.

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There are worried about what may have happened to him and ask you to find him. Kill them off while protecting Niame. Solve the puzzle First part of the puzzle Read the description on three graves Talk to Barla Darksmith Time to visit Barla 5.

poradnik do drakensang the river of time chomikuj

Time to go to the Blood Mountains. Convince them using Fast Talk Return to the Kobold Once you convince the woodcutters return with them to the kobold.

After giving him the password you’ve obtained earlier you will be allowed inside – go and talk to the guild leader, Cano 5. Jost will be very thankful and will offer to join your party.

Jest on widoczny tylko dla ciebie.


Quests unlock with the level of your character, so if you experience a lapse in available quests, increase your character level and you will find more quests at the appropriate location. Bridge Poradnii and Viburn 5. Tree in the heart of the forest Save the tree You will see that he’s surrounded by Storrebrandt’s workers.

It’s quite strong but it fights alone, so should be much of a challenge. Pressing it will open a secret cache with treasure in it. You will find him near the shrine 7. Talk to the goblin shaman. Give him the flute and let him leave in peace. Slay the bear The bear 3 is in the cave in the Old Mineshaft The innkeeper wants you to get rid of them. Saphira’s owl skull Break the ambush After completing Earn Alvina’s trust there will be thd ambush awaiting you in the mansion 9 you will have to fight some Inquisition soldiers Talk to Heidrune Summon Heidrune Having all four owl skulls you can head down to the witches’ dancing place M7 Pick up Reginald from the bay Head to the pier to pick up Reginald 6.


Drakensang: The River of Time – Opis przejścia, questy, mapy by Karol Wilczek on Apple Books

Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Bear Master Firnjan Help him the hunter, not the wolf and he will thank you for assistance. He’s right where you left him, but this time he’s talking to his wife. Convince the woodcutters Kobold wants you to play a game with you first, but it requires more players. Tenobaal’s arrows recipe, 5 x Tenobaal’s arrow. You can get past the gate with a squad of local guards and clean out the goblins. You have no choice but to fight the orcs and the ogre and head to the next level 4.

She will advise you to talk to Berndrik 19who may have some vital information concerning the witch.