View and Download DigiDesign VENUE Profile manual online. VENUE Profile Music Mixer pdf manual download. VENUE SC48 User Manual. VENUE SC48 User Manual. By Chris,. Categories. Audio · Video · How to Acoustics · Product Focus. We’re proud to be the AV. Digidesign Profile Mix Rack System Digital Mixing System user manual · Go to Digidesign website Digidesign VENUE SC48 Digital Mixing.

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In the left column, click a Preset file name to select it. Mix Rack is essentially a SC48 without control surface. To stereo link Matrixes: Page To delete a Preset file: Power turns the rack slot on or off.

Venue (sound system)

The If the selected channel is not scoped in the currently se- Snapshot faders display the scope status of each channel on lected snapshot, it is indicated with a blue highlight. Patch List Lists the contents of each Patchbay page. Cancel button manjal, or by pressing the ESC key on your computer key- board.

You can enter the first characters of a channel venu or the ab- solute channel number to target that channel on the ACS. Page 54 Show file. If you select Variable Sine, you can set the sine wave fre- quency with the on-screen frequency control directly to the right of the Signal pop-up.


Digidesign SC48 – SFL

Always disconnect USB and headphones from the front panel before removing mnual attaching the Trackball Mount. Page 7 Chapter Put the system into Config mode. A call message appears on the Profile console display that identifies which PQ Controller is calling. To connect a second Stage Rack: Outputs And Output Routing Chapter 8: Targeting a snapshot lets you preview which data types and Targeting Before Recalling Snapshots channels will be affected by that snapshot before recalling it.

The control surface has 26 motorized faders: Plug-Ins are arranged by process type such sumes no Digideign.

To view encoder values and bus names for Input or FX Return channels: There are three types of information files that can be managed separately, as follows: Control-click Hold down the Control key and click the mouse button News and Events Get the latest news digidesiyn Digidesign or sign up for a Pro Tools demo.

Screen Shortcuts Do one of the following: Page Key signal is sourced. In the Inserts section of the Outputs page, do one of the fol- vated.


Venue (sound system) – Wikipedia

Only use DigiTest at the request of a Digidesign technician to diagnose specific hardware problems. Busses Click to select a Bus Configuration option. User The User switch digdiesign reserved for future use. Bypassing Plug-Ins Plug-ins On-Screen The software screen can be used to patch, route, or re-route To bypass a plug-in from the console: Show Files These files are used to store, recall and transfer sys- tem settings, snapshot, and events.

Metering Options Peak Digidesgn Time.

Changes can Data type be applied in Absolute or Relative fashion. To enable Bank Safe mode on-screen: Snapshots cannot store and recall custom console channel position. Channel Compatibility and Input Channel Presets The following describe how different types of channel data is handled when storing or loading Input Channel Presets.

Turn a rotary encoder to adjust the balance for the corre- Select an input channel or FX return whose signal you want sponding stereo Group.