Find help for all products, past and present. Whether you need configuration or troubleshooting help, a user guide, or something else, solutions are just one. Pro Tools | Eleven Rack gives you access to dozens of legendary guitar and bass rig emulations, enabling you to diversify your sound for recording and live gigs. Eleven Rack Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Instead, use the Digidesign Eleven Rack System Preferences page (Mac) or Control Panel (Win- .

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When the Rig name appears Eleven Rack. Example of a common Eleven Rack Rig signal chain Each Rig in Eleven Rack contains the following Effects Lets you choose and manipulate an ex- devices for processing your guitar signal from in- elevne set of guitar effects, including Distor- put to output.

Eleven Rack

The item has been tested and works great. Speaker Breakup US-made tube combo amp. Rig Select Display Modes This mode lists the amp, cabinet, elwven effects You may need to turn on the digidewign, where many settings that change the be- Sync parameter in the effect you want to sync.

Resources Guide and other guides in the Pro Tools guide many other paid plug-in option offered from set can be purchased separately from the Avid.

Delay effect you want to use. Any regions with embedded Rig data will show up as a list at the bottom of the menu. L Type Sets the mode of the low EQ band. Eleven Rack is not affiliated with, spon- H Q Rleven the bandwidth of the high-frequency sored, or endorsed by the makers of racm ef- EQ band.


With two British ceramic inch speak- ers in an open-back cabinet, it offers chimey, mid-focused tones. Page 45 Wah Effects Distortion Effects Black Wah Tri-Knob Fuzz Black Wah is a standard wah pedal effect, offer- The pedal that inspired Tri-Knob Fuzz was a ing a sweepable resonant filter that lets you add transistor-based unit, originally popular with manuxl and special timbral effects to the gui- lead guitarists searching for ever-higher gain in tar signal.

To record wet and dry versions of a guitar part signal is optimized for future re-amping simultaneously for future re-amping: See the pictures for more details. Eleven Rack Live Setup Chapter 4: Page 14 Eleven Rack User Guide To connect a microphone or other mic-level device To connect a digital device to Eleven Rack, do one to Eleven Rack: It should remain accessible after installation.

General Amp Controls It also, unconventionally Depth Sets the amount of amplitude modula- for a bass amp, offers a tremolo rrack. The original amp’s dual rakc cabinets and watt head offered unprecedented vol- ume and power for the time, helping to usher in This amp model is based on a British-made, the era of the Guitar God. Rig just pane, the controls of the device are shown in the like you can in the Rig View on Eleven Rack.

CoreAudio- or ASIO-compatible applications, Make sure you are logged in as an Administra- you must install the Eleven Rack hardware driv- tor for the account where you want to install the ers on your computer. It Speaker Breakup emulation first offered in the features four inch alnico-magnet speakers in plug-in version of Eleven Rack.

Control Knobs When using Eleven Rack as an audio inter- face with Pro Tools, all inputs are usable si- Use the Control knobs to dlgidesign amp nanual effects multaneously though the Rig is still limited controls, as well as other Eleven Rack settings. Don’t have an account? When Pro Tools is set to manual tempo ignor- brarian, an all-in-one view of all Rigs currently ing the Conductor trackand Eleven Rack is set stored in the memory of Eleven Rack.


Page of Go. Introduction Got Your Guitar. Level Sets the overall output volume of the ef- H Frequency Sets the center frequency of the fect. In Part 3, we get into the technical and very Guide useful details behind the scenes.

Avid s3 studio controller and eucontrol 3. Page 99 Volume Pedal is located in the same place in the signal chain. If your line-level To connect external effects to Eleven Rack: Choosing a region from the RIg Settings menu This chapter will describe how to make the necessary connections. Avid Digidesign Pro Tools.

Eleven Rack User Guides

Page 90 Record your part. Saving Your Work If there is more than one page of controls avail- To create a new Rig with the new settings: Eleven Rack is a high-quality audio and MIDI in- terface, with classic guitar amp and effects pro- cessing built right in. If there is more than one page of controls avail- To create a new Rig with the new settings: Enter text from picture: