43 dated to. DGS&D Manual, approved by Government of India, Department of Commerce and available on DGS&D website. The new Manual on Procurement of Goods has been extensively revised in keeping with . One Stop Government e-Marketplace (GeM) by DGS&D The Pharmaceuticals Purchase Policy4, is intended to ensure. The “Procurement Manual” provides the essential information and brief .. DGS&D rate are optional and should be taken as referral case only, DGS&D.

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Create your own flipbook. Battery, lamp, and electronics are placed in asuitable housing, made of metal or plastic or fiber glass. If a tenderer states that the Excise Duty is mnual applicable at present but will becharged extra if it becomes applicable later on, their offer will be loaded by thenormal rate of Excise Duty for the equitable comparision of prices.

A distinctive serial number starting with NSM will be engraved on the frame ofthe module or screen printed on the tedlar sheet of the module. The pole shall be either in one piece with uniformdiameter of 76 mm OD or swaged type with 76 mm OD in lower portion and 60 mmOD in upper portion or 76 mm OD throughout,made up of MS janual primered 2coats and painted in silver ash hammertone colour or as chosen by DDO.

Government of India Directorate General of Supplies …

In Model-4 either two modules of 37 Wp each or one module of 74 Wp canbe used. The PVmodule is placed at the top of the pole at an angle facing south so that it receivessolar radiation throughout the day, without any shadow falling on it.

Jurisdiction is place of issue of the Rate Contract. The luminaire is mountedon the pole at a suitable angle to maximize illumination on the ground.

Dgsnd manual 2013 pdf

The pole should have the provision to hold the luminaire. The Partnership Summit – Theme Paper The travails of the global dgsd appear to be still not behind us, despite gradual recovery during from the worst global economic conditions dgwnd World War II.


Davis Computer Labs Assistant January They shall have voltmeter, ammeter, D. Quasi sine wave or sine wave typeAverage duty cycle: The lamp should preferably be mounted in a base up configuration.

Page 27 of It is effective from 1st January, to 31st July, The height of the pole should be 4 metres above the ground level, after groutingand final 20013.

Electronics should have temperature compensation for proper charging of thebattery throughout the year. Tenderers shall furnish complete details such as addresstelephone, fax, e- mail addresses etc. The Green Channel firms will be treated as deemed registered and allowed to self-certify their products for the required quality. Protection for reverse flow of current through the PV module s should beprovided.

Following acceptance testing for battery shall be done on battery offered forinspection: General Technical requirement For TE: The street lighting system including the battery will be warranted for a periodof five years from the date of supply.

Page 17 of Page 19 of 29 For Street Lighting System, module mounting hardware shall be adjustablefor sun orientation. The purchaser, however, does reserve the right to consider also those firms who haveexecuted supplies to a lower extent. Read the Text Version. The manufacturers can also provide additional information about thesystem and conditions of warranty as necessary.

Half-wave operation is not acceptable. The system should have protection against battery overcharge and deep dischargeconditions. However, inexceptional cases, the same can be considered for suitable period on merits ofindividual case. Dgdnd world needs a new source of growth and stability, and India, a rapidly growing economy with strong internal demand, offers a new opportunity.

Terms of Delivery are: The complete tender document consists of: The new Manual on Procurement of Goods has been extensively revised in keeping with GFR and in consonance with the fundamental principles of transparency, fairness, competition, economy, efficiency and accountability. All the components and parts used in the solar street lighting systems shouldconform to the latest BIS or IEC specifications, wherever such specifications areavailable and applicable. The detailed guidelines in this regard are contained in Correction Slip No.

The same should be valid on tender opening date. These deliberations may result in formulating the additional competencies that need to be developed by an organisation. The following minimum details must beprovided in the Manual: Green Channel firms shall beresponsible and accountable for the required product quality supplied by them asspecified under the governing terms and condtions including specification of the RateContract. To begin with,this will be applicable forthe current Rate Contract.

  ALI M5661P PDF

Similarly,even when registrations issued earlierhave valid tenure left, bids can be accepted from the OEMs when they are selling inIndia and Rate Contract will be entered with them instead of agents regardless of thevalidity of registration of agents.

No load current should be less than 20 mA. The terminal box on the module should have a provision for opening, forreplacing the cable, if required. In case no information about excise duty is given,it will be taken as inclusive interms of provisions of Para The Tenderers quoting for fully imported stores are required to submit the following Page 18 of Dgsnd manual pdf free bmw es manual meat algorithm design manual code tapadora de frascos manual avr denon owner’s manual configmgr manual client install cross product ti titanium manual audio research sp9 owners manual sceptre ebv fhd manual transfer mirai dtl e manual arts battle of z xbox manual harbor freight metal bender manual arts optimal dx vario manual woodworkers agilent series manual execulabel lm manual meat comments pages ipad manual portalapices manualidades infantiles patron rtb rca manual for remote gebruiksaanwijzing siemens s manual tiptel manual arts owners manual car pdf.

Green Channel Policy for DGS&D Rate Contracts | Corporate Law Reporter

Accordingly,Rate Contractwill be co-terminus with the validity of the registration certificate. A reforms oriented budget is needed to instill confidence among investors. Page 13 of 29 Dgsnd manual pdf Fee for dgsbd same stands enhanced to Rs.

The tenderers should furnish the details of their turn over and the Excise Duty paidby them in the last three financial yearsin the following formats: