Enchanters’ End Game (The Belgariad, Book 5) [David Eddings, Leigh Eddings] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THE DRIVE OF. Garion proceeds through Gar og Nadrak, and despite a few incidents (such as being forced to join the army at one point, having been mistaken for a Nadrak). Eddings concludes the Belgariad, ponders the division among his characters and Enchanters’ End Game, first published in , is the last book in David.

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While the battle between Garion and Torak was the event to which the series had been building, to me the true climax of the book was the s David Eddings finished strong! Reaction Vids of Castamere. The group, with the addition of an Algarian prince named Hettar, then leave in search of the Orb.

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All of race y are violent brawlers, no exceptions. My copies of the books have long since wandered away; it would be interesting to read them again as currently all that remains in my memory are tiny snippets of demon summoner duels, walk walkers phasing people through stone, a pair of thousand-year old wizards tinkering in the affairs of nations, a feisty love interest, and the usual hapless teenageish boy that somehow ends up the hero of these things.


A pleasure to re-read. Ce’Nedra ‘s plan, however, is enchanterz successful.

It predates this crazy onslaught of market-driven writers who hope to make a quick name, a encuanters splash, and a lot of money all in the name of the written word. She sees the great love she could have had and that gives her the strength to resist the will of an evil god, blah, blah, blah LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Every person has those possibilities — to be kind and merciful, patient and long-suffering, or quick to anger, cruel, and drunk on power over the weak — but we all, like Garion, have to remember ourselves. Angela is a full-time fantasy nerd. The Accursed One is not dead Save my data for the next time I comment.

But it gave no answer to the question that haunted him.

It is no surprise then that these cutaway moments to other parts of the battlefield are too short to convey much to the reader. Mistborn Brandon Sanderson 9. So if you have a spare moment, please tell us your thoughts by writing a reader’s review.

Enchanters’ End Game : Book Five Of The Belgariad

They also allow a certain vicarious enjoyment of the adventures while at the same time reminding me how much I like my ordinary obscure life. It’s a rare novel indeed which offers a man the opportunity to surrender his power for the sake of a woman! The story then begins in earnest with the experiences of protagonist Garion. Views Read Edit View history. The series gets more readable as it goes gxme.


Enchanters’ End Game

Humor 6 days ago. Or is watching Lord of the Rings for the hundredth time.

There may be a lesson there, for those of us who do this for a living. The Orb of Aldur was restored.

So anyway, it’s good to see that heroes have internal battles: The party continue to Vo Mimbre, the Arendish capital, where Garion reveals the plot to kill Korodullin, without naming its local conspirators, and Mandorallen challenges Nachak to a duel, which Hettar terminates by killing Nachak. I sound harsh, but I don’t really intend to be. Garion and his companions have only to reach Riva and return the Orb, to allow encnanters David Eddings’ was very good at managing a group of characters and all their interactions, their banter, their roles, and illustrating them with realistic attributes.

Feb 20, Jane Jago rated it really liked it. I still don’t find the humor terribly appealing and the characters are still one-dimensional though some of them manage to be very likable within their stereotypes. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.