public class DataHandler; extends ; implements erable. The DataHandler class provides a consistent interface to. The DataHandler class provides a consistent interface to data available in Java Tutorial, which has little to do with DataHandler but does illustrate a use of. When sending a text file, an XML file or a object (String) as.

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Is this the reason that one would use DataHandler? Wayne Earnshaw 6 Use is subject to license terms. Source object Generate the javax.

String object and the MIME type, in an argument. For DataHandler’s created with Objects: I updated my question. When sending a text file, an XML file or a java.

The details on the respective procedures are as follows:. The other end of the pipe is returned to the caller.

The Transferable interface that DataHandler implements is not exactly referring to datahand,er of the kind serialization deals with. Get the InputStream for this object. Image is as follows:. DataHandler object Generate the javax. Write the data to an OutputStream. For details on how to specify a character code where the DataHandler Object, String constructor was used, see Get an OutputStream for this DataHandler to allow overwriting the underlying data.


See the API entry for Transferable for more. Email Required, but never shown.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. A convenience method that takes a CommandInfo object and instantiates the corresponding command, usually a JavaBean component.

String object by using either of the two methods such as byte[] or javax. Can you be more specific?

Class javax.activation.DataHandler

DataHandler is as follows: Yes, jqva looks better now. String “abcde” ; Generating the javax. FileInputStream object Generate the java. The procedure to send an existing XML file by using byte[] is as follows:.

How to create Java objects for data to be sent

String getName Return the name of the data object. Return all the commands for this type of data. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. String object 5 Precautions on generating the javax. Is there any alternative solution in case of a DataHandlers?


You can send an existing image file by using any of the three methods such as byte[]javax. Otherwise, null is returned.

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It manages simple stream to string conversions and related operations using DataContentHandlers. Post as a guest Name. Note that this is the full type with parameters.

Because a thread is created to copy datahandlrr data, IOExceptions that may occur during the copy can not be propagated back to the caller. Return the DataFlavors in which this data is available. The array is usually ordered according to preference for providing the data, from most richly descriptive to least richly descriptive. The procedure to send an existing image file by using java. The details on the respective procedures are as follows: Sign up using Facebook.

Why do I need a DataHandler? If the DataHandler was instantiated with an object, return the object.