On Freud’s “Creative Writers and Day-dreaming” On the one hand, it explores the origins of daydreaming and its relationship to the play of children; on the. “Writing is a little door,” Susan Sontag wrote in her diary. “Some fantasies, like big pieces of furniture, won’t come through.” Sigmund Freud. Sigmund freud creative writing and daydreaming summary – Compose a timed custom essay with our help and make your teachers startled Instead of wasting.

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Der Dichter und das Phantasieren. The game daydraeming defined as a “daydream” and extends into adolescence in “fantasies. Freud focuses Id that enforces erotic wish in a person. Author’s mind possesses many desires so he selects the wanted desires but leaves out the unwanted desires.

This mostly happens in psychological novels and it is the example of a creative writer expressing the fantasies talked about in the previous paragraphs Freud, Through writing, the author expresses his desires.

Fantasies are humans’ most intimate possession; many people even believe themselves to be the only ones having them. The creator allows the reader to participate in his writdrs world through the formal techniques he exercises, which provide daydreamming source of pleasure.

Kids spend a lot of time and emotions in these games; so do creative writers in creating their fictional written worlds.

Greud, the creative writer has the ability to pull out from the reader those feelings and tensions that would stay in him otherwise by writing and sharing his own fantasies so that the reader realizes he is not the only one who has them. The pleasure of reading is defined as essentially narcissistic.


First, Freud proceeds to compare a child to a creative writer. Freud himself epitomised his essay’s argument a decade later in his Introductory Lectures[9] stating of the true artist that:.

In releasing unfulfilled desires, the poet uses’ censors’ but the meaning can be accomplished through analysis. There is also a great interest in the hero’s inside, which is described and looked at with much detail. He begins with an idea that Donald Winnicott would later take up concerning the link between childhood games and creation — in this case, literary creation.

Therefore, past, present and future are united together to create a fantasy. Latent dream can only be thought of in our mental imagination, which cannot be seen but manifest dream is the revelation of the disguised one, which we perceive. Third, the fantasy of a future fulfillment of this wish completes the daydreaming process. He fantasizes and creates daydreams in place of playing games of their childhood.

Children take these games so seriously that they even forget about the real world that surrounds them. There are three time periods involved in a fantasy. Applied psychoanalysis and the interaction of psychoanalysis; Creativity; Literary and artistic creation; Fantasy reverie ; Reverie; Sublimation.

Creative Writers and Day-Dreaming

He remembers his golden past and wants to express the experience of the past in the present but can’t do so. His writing is not daudreaming a substitution of, but also a continuation, his childhood games. He amd be ashamed and embarrassed by these games which leave his frreud so open to the rest of the society; therefore, he will develop a substitute way to enjoy them: This was an important article in which Freud responded to the questions introduced in “Psychopathic Characters on the Stage” a [].


Children forget their imagination by indulging themselves in games. He is able to liberate his deep fantasies and wishes through this art form of writing without provoking repulsion in the reader. It is through creative writing that they will be set free. Both use their emotion and imagination seriously in game and writing. There is the conflict between Id and superego. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

Ambition, which is found only in male not in female, wrriters to uplift the personality.

Creative Writers and Day-Dreaming |

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Freud also displays some aspects of his approach to the psychology of the reader. How does a creative writer do this?