Español: Manuscrito con el texto de la carta de Cristóbal Colón al escribano de ración de la Corona de Aragón (Luis de Santángel) dando. Carta de Cristobal Colón a Luis de Santangel (hoja 6). Items Letter of Columbus to Luis de Santangel, dated 15 February x Print . [5 lines] / fecha ha quato[r]ze dias de marzo: / Esta Carta en bio Colom.

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Retrieved from ” https: I think I have found rhubarb and cinnamon. Neither of these editions are mentioned by any writers before the 19th century, nor have any other copies been found, which suggests they were very small printings, and that the publication of Columbus’s letter may have been suppressed in Spain by royal command. This is worth having, and must on no account be given up. You must also include a United States public domain tag to indicate why this work is in the public domain in the United States.

Columbus’s letter on the first voyage

According to this account, Columbus’s original letter was read in Spanish before the monarchs then holding court in Barcelona, and then Ferdinand II of Aragon or his treasurer Gabriel Sanchez ordered it translated into Latin by the notary Leander de Cosco, who completed the translation by April xe, as noted in the prologue.

The decision on the future of the islands belonged to the pious Queen of Castile and the Pope, the ultimate arbitrator of the legal claims.

Columbus’s physical descriptions are brief, noting only that the natives have straight hair coloh “nor are they black like those in Guinea”. Posted by X X at 8: Many other things of value will be discovered by the men I left behind me, as I stayed nowhere when the wind allowed colln to pursue my voyage, except in the City of Navidad, which I left fortified and safe.

When I came to Juana, I followed the coast of that isle toward the west, and found it so extensive that I thought it might be the mainland, the province of Cathay; and as I found no towns nor villages on the sea-coast, except a few small settlements, where it was impossible to speak to the people, because they fled at once, I continued the said route, thinking I could not fail to see some great cities or towns; and finding at the end of many leagues that nothing new appeared, and that the coast led northward, contrary to my wish, because the winter had already set in, I decided to make for the south, and as the wind also was against my proceeding, I determined not to wait there longer, and turned back to a certain harbor whence I sent two men to find out whether there was any king or large city.


And in truth the sun has extreme power here, since it is within twenty-six degrees of the equinoctial line. XV in Navarrete While the Santanvel tried to paint Columbus as merely just another Spanish interloper, little more than a smuggler, illegally trying to trade in their waters, the letters presented him as a great discoverer of new lands and new peoples.

It is uncertain exactly how the printed editions of the Columbus letter influenced this process. The published Latin versions of the letter are almost all titled “Letter of Columbus, on the islands of India beyond the Ganges recently discovered”.

File:Carta Colon manuscrito – Wikimedia Commons

Having failed to find coln great markets and cities of China or India, he was returning with empty hulls. Accessed February 12, The nightingale and other small birds of a thousand kinds were singing in the month of November when I was there. Vespucci’s rawer tales of cannibalism and free sexuality added a touch of titillation to the wonder. However, the letter also revealed local rumors about a fierce man-eating tribe of “monsters” in the area probably Caribsalthough Columbus himself disbelieved the stories, and dismissed them as aantangel.

Already by Junethe letter had been translated by a poet into Italian verse, and that version went through multiple editions in the next couple of years.

An intact version of Columbus’s on-board journal, “Diario de bordo”, has yet to be found. It is true that since they have gained more confidence and are losing this fear, they are so unsuspicious and so generous with what they possess, that no one who had not seen it would believe it. A transcription and English translation can be carfa in Zamora But our Redeemer has given victory to our most illustrious King and Queen, and to their kingdoms rendered famous by this glorious event, at which all Christendom should rejoice, celebrating santange with great festivities and solemn Thanksgivings to the Holy Trinity, with fervent prayers for the high distinction that will accrue to them from turning so many peoples to our holy faith; and also from the temporal cartq that not only Spain but all Christian nations will obtain.

Description Carta Colon manuscrito Simancas. Columbus characterizes the native inhabitants of the Indies islands as primitive, innocent, without reason “like beasts”, “como bestias”and unthreatening. While in Rome, Bishop Leonardus arranged for eantangel publication of the letter by the Roman printer Stephanus Plannck, possibly with an eye to help popularize and advance the Spanish case. Columbus ends the letter urging their Majesties, the Church, and the people of Spain to give thanks dr God for allowing him to find so many souls, hitherto lost, ready for conversion to Christianity and eternal salvation.

The Letter of Columbus to Luis De Sant Angel Announcing His Discovery

Columbus, of course, was in the middle of preparing for his second journey. Even should he change his mind and wish to quarrel with my men, neither he nor his subjects know what arms are, nor wear clothes, as I have said. Other than the Italian verse, the first foreign language translation was into German in Seven of these nine letters were previously unknown.


The land there is elevated, with many mountains and peaks incomparably higher than in the centre isle. Yours to command, THE ADMIRAL Postscript within the letter Since writing the above, being in the Sea of Castile, so much wind arose south southeast, that I was forced to lighten the vessels, to run into this port of Lisbon to-day which was the most extraordinary thing in the world, from whence I resolved to write to their Highnesses.

At every turn, Columbus seems to attempt to portray the islands of the Indies as suitable for future colonization.

Catalog Record: The letter in Spanish of Christopher Columbus | Hathi Trust Digital Library

This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat In emphasizing their timidity and lack of weapons, Columbus may have had in mind the long and painful Spanish conquest of the Canary Islands, which had been fiercely resisted by the aboriginal Guanchesand perhaps sought to underline that such difficulties would not likely be encountered in the Indies santantel.

However, Columbus acrta disbelief in the existence of these “monsters”, or rather suggests this is likely just a local Indian myth pertaining to some distant Indian seafaring tribe who are probably not unlike themselves “I regard them as of no more account than the others”, “yo no los tengo en nada mas que a los otros”.

The trees, fruits and grasses differ widely from those in Juana. Also refers to rumors of some women that seem kind of like Amazons. Edney”The Columbus Letter: In full, the opening of the first Roman edition reads: Columbus connects the monsters story to another local legend about a tribe of female warriorswho are said to inhabit the island of “Matinino” east of Hispaniola “first island of cloon Indies, closest to Spain”, possibly referring to Guadaloupe.

There are wonderful pine woods, and very extensive ranges of meadow land.

Original versions of Columbus’s letter, written by his hand, have never been found. The Caribs did live in a sexually segregated society, where men and women lived in separate housing and are reported to have even spoken different languages Josephy, However, it is doubtful Columbus actually signed the original letter that way.