The TCN3 is the most advanced cable remote control available for any EOS camera. For remote 80cm cable; Long exposures; Self-timer; Interval timer. Canon TIMER REMOTE CONTROLLER TCN3 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Canon TIMER REMOTE CONTROLLER TCN3 User Manual. View and Download Canon TCN3 user manual online. Timer remote controller. TCN3 Camera Accessories pdf manual download.

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The camera will begin shooting and will continue tc-80n33 it completes the number of exposures you have. I think it was closer to the last time I bought one.

As with your camera’s shutter button, you can press the Release Button either halfway or all the way. Canon TCN3 add-on savings.

Interval Timer Mode continued 3. Time amounts can be set in single digit increments, up to: Yes the buttons are small, but it works fine for me. If this basic functionality is all you need from a remote release and you camera does not support the awesome little Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Releasethe less expensive Canon Remote Switch RSN3 is the more affordable option for you.

Forgetting this step can mean that you come back minutes later to find that the remote controller only triggered mirror lockup — not the exposure. Even when the Interval Mode or Self-timer are active, you can still take a picture immediately by pressing the Release Button or your camera’s shutter button. Photograph the moon’s phases over time or anything with a cycle time. Also note that the timing or exposure count mode you have set will not be affected if you use the Release Button.

Exposure count values can range from 00 to trigger single, infinite or continuous shooting to 99 and the interval defaults to 1 second if an interval time is not selected. Very durable, weather-resistant, and oh-so-useful.

  IEC 61724 PDF

The interval time period is started with the beginning of each exposure. It weighs only 3 oz 85g including the battery and measures only 1.

Was this article helpful? It helped, but finally after maybe a year and a half or two years it has pulled out again. Place your order by 5pm Wed Jan 2 and your order will ship the same day.

Canon Timer Remote Controller TCN3 A B&H Photo Video

The Display Illumination button also does just as its name implies — it illuminates the LCD panel backlight for 6 seconds. I would advise anyone buying this to tape or otherwise try to mitigate the issues on the remote end BEFORE they become a problem. The timer can be set anywhere from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes, or 59 seconds. For long exposures or continuous shooting, press the Release Button completely and slide it forward, in the direction of the Running Lock Arrow.

Probably my only gripe is that there’s no real mounting points or any way to hold the thing without covering the buttons.

For further details see delivery estimates in cart.

Canon’s mid and high end cameras have one. For example, a 2 second self timer can start a long exposure or other programmed function.

Canon Timer Remote Controller TCN3 Review

When the time unit you wish to set is blinking, turn the Jog Dial to the amount you want. The TCN3 is a good piece of gear for 50 bucks. The full recharge duration can be several seconds or longer. The interval you select must be longer than than the combined time of the shutter speed and shutter recocking time, otherwise the result will be continuous shooting. What you need to know is that mirror lockup must be triggered using the camera’s shutter release or a press of the remote release button as the camera and remote are not smart enough to figure this out using just the release, unlike when using the camera’s 2-second self-timer.


The backlight is effective, all the controls work fine, it is reliable and does what it is supposed to.

Canon TC-80N3 User Manual

There are seemingly hundreds of technologies and techniques for remotely triggering cpntroller DSLR today. I have not used the controller long enough to have a feel for its durability; however, the device displays quality one would expect from Canon.

Long Exposure Mode 1. Please provide your comments. I use the timer remote for almost every shot Contrloler take, so I am definitely a heavy user.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from A You can’t get a sharper photo than with your camera sitting on a tripod and using a remote shutter release. If your camera has a removable N3 port cover, it can be plugged into a conteoller hole in the back of the TCN3. When six years of abuse finally took their toll and I determined that no amount of soldering or re-wiring would save it, I immediately bought a new one.

Use the Self-Timer function to delay the start of an exposure for a specific length of time — from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

When manuak a sequence of exposures with flash, set the interval timer so that the flash will have enough time to recyle between exposures. Interval timer contrroller a flower bloom opening Take a photo every X seconds for days, great for time laps photography. When I’m being paid for my work, I need to control,er able to rely on my gear.

Renting is fast and easy.