British Standard BS Section – Circular Flanges for Pipes, BS substantially agrees with ISO (E) Part 1: Steel Flanges. Dimensions: ANSI B, BS Series A & B, MSS SP44, ASA, API, AWWA. BS FLANGES. □ PN □ PN □ PN □ PN Page 2. BS FLANGES. Rev. 4. 0 / FLANGES – PN Unit: mm. THICKNESS.

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BS PN6 Flanges Supplier, SS BS PN6 – PN40 Flanges, BS PN40 Flanges Manufacturer

Pr EN Flanges. Post a comment or leave a trackback: This entry was written by Stetatposted on July 7, at 2: Chamfer inside b4504 deg. The original standard for what are commonly known as metric flanges first arrived in just prior to decimalisation in the United Kingdom. Applications Of BS Flanges BS Flanges used in Chemical and petrochemical processing BS Flanges used in electronics BS Flanges used in processing equipment for maintaining product purity in handling foods, synthetic fibers BS Flanges used in marine and offshore engineering Characteristics of BS Flanges BS Flanges is highly resistant to various reducing standarrd BS Flanges is excellent resistance to caustic alkalies BS Flanges is high electrical conductivity BS Flanges is excellent corrosion resistance to distilled and natural waters BS Flanges is resistance to neutral and alkaline salt solutions BS Flanges is excellent resistance to dry fluorine BS Flanges is widely used to handle caustic soda BS Flanges is good thermal, electrical and magnetostrictive properties BS Flanges is offers some resistance to hydrochloric and sulfuric acids at modest temperatures and concentrations.


As we moved away from imperial standards in satndard BS Call us now on: BS 10 Table F Flanges. For flanges in other specifications such as BS BS Flanges Materials.

Flanges to EN 1092-1:2009 (BS4504:1989) Besseges

Forged Fitting – Threaded Fittings. At Red Earth Steel will be special BS flanges with plastic cover to ensure the integrity of sealing surface. Maximum temperature allowance for flanges to EN are subject to material and manufacture guidance, for more information please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements either by clicking the high-lighted link or telephone Flanges to EN Maximum pressure and temperature is also affected by the pipeline material as well as the flange material and we can discuss all your requirements and advise on the best available to suit your requirements.

We also offer custom-made flanges that have been widely appreciated by our clients.

ANSI/JIS/En1092-1/DIN/BS4504 Standard Carbon Steel Flange

DN15 – DN Standard: BS Threaded Flanges. BS 10 Table E Flanges. Specifications of BS Flanges.

If I think back to I can remember bad wallpaper and Radiograms, luckily culture has moved on and both of these items are a thing bs4540 the past. Flanges to EN are available in many types from our stock, we can offer EN plate flanges in steel and stainless steel, EN bossed flanges in screwed and slip on varieties available in steel, stainless steel and plastics, EN weld neck flanges in steel or stainless steel to suit any specified wall thickness required.

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BS – Circular flanges for pipes, valves and fittings (PN designated). Ferrous

Forged, Stamped Pressure grade: BS Flanges production and processing of finished solution treatment must be enclosedso that product performance is optimal. To find out more about flange products including EN please click the read more icon or contact our sales team today.


At Red Earth Steel Factory owned pneumatic marking machine, all flanges are available to customers free typing products, customers can be requested marked material, pressurecaliber, production standards or customer to provide own special text. All the Raw Materials received by our company are subject to chemical and physical test and weighed immediately on receipt only thereafter they are taken in the stock.

Flanges to EN were flanges to BS Packaging of BS Flanges. If this is not the case please let us know when you next contact our sales team.

Number of drill holes: Bubble bag, then put in stadard export wooden neatly in to products during transportation to prevent bumpsscratches and other situations encountered or as per customer requirement. Production of BS Flanges. If you require flange dimensions for EN In addition we can also offer gaskets of many styles to suit EN flanges for a variety of temperature, pressure and process requirements, please contact our sales team to discuss your process needs and specifications and while you are looking at these flange products enquire with us for your flanged valve, pipeline and fitting needs at the same time.

BS Weld Neck Flanges. BS Flanges Pipe Flanges and Flanges Fittings standard covers pressure-temperature ratings, materials, dimensions, tolerances,marking, testing, and methods of designating openings for pipe flanges and flanged fittings.