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Vampirism is absorbing the spiritual and mental energy of humanity, that which we wish to leave behind. This involves also the challenge and hardship of initiation, to seek always to become something more. You are only as safe as you will it. It is a way of thinking, being and motivating towards goals.

Books by Michael W. Ford

Egyptian Sethanic Magick by Michael W. The second part of the grimoire is based on the ritualistic inversions of the Avestan texts and the forbidden path of Predatory Spiritualism. Visualize plague book death infecting the intended opfer and the slow death which affects them.

The Sorceror should also be clothed in a white grave shroud which would be placed under the robe or cloak. Once you do so, begin to draw it in deeply, enjoy each slow drain until you are satisfied. The face should be streaked in blood red paint or blood, same with any bare skin shown. Love and compassion must be guarded, never love something which poses danger for you.

You will feel a strike of excitement but you will need to control this emotion and remain calm, nay very calm. We did not do enough to warn them, we did not help fast enough, everyone should have moved faster?

To properly meditate and enter the mindset of astral projections, one must prepare the home or place of this practice in a quiet manner. Morals — Morality changes based on culture and time.


Do not seek for a world beyond, it will come soon enough. They are our prey, and lifeforce. Those of royal vampyric blood. We are of the night. Vampyrism, Through the archetypical symbols which have existed since the Sumerian period, such as one of the first known cult of Vampyrism, HEKAL TIAMAT, to Vampyrism in Shadwos as in the reality of the original Order of the Dragon, in which European hero Vlad Draculae was a member of, to current Vampyric covens through the centuries, to current period covens have always, intentionally, blinded the masses.

Book of wamphyri and shadows guest author music

Succubus Publishing Home- http: The Adept realizes the significance of the element Air as being dream projection, cursing and commanding flesh spells and using the Eyes to command presence. Hold the Virgin Dagger and the pouch of grave soil, focus upon the sigils of the Vampyre and repeat: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. What does he do? Luciferian Witchcraft by Michael W. Moyset demanded that he should grease himself in an ointment he gave him.

Book of shadowa Witch Moon by Michael W. The Vampyre Shadowx god itself. Upon the altar should rest a human skull or well crafted model.

The alp will often drink blood from the breast of a woman or any other place in which major vessels are. The Raven represents the darkness that cloaks out spirits. Heaven and Hell are indeed spiritual realities, yet also physical sensations. You are predator and it is your natural duty to feed from humans.

Allow the Beast to exist and grow more powerful based on your higher desires. Enter to die and be reborn. Nachttoter translates “Night Killer – or Killer in the Night” being the power of this vampire as a predator within the casual realm, Varcolaci obtained. When this is obtained, many strange things will be seen and be sure it is mystery for a good reason.

An inverted Triangle should be inverted, focus upon the blood red eye which will glow as much as your desire allows. As presented in Luciferian Witchcraft, all tools are useless unless the practitioner has developed his or her self to being able to control and discipline thoughts, actions and to simply lay the grounds for the manifestation of their desire.


While the word lie represents falsehood, it must be understood there is no truth and nothing remains permanent.

Diary of a Voodoo Machinegun: The Book of Wamphyri & Shadows by Michael Ford

To properly meditate and enter the mindset of astral projections, one must prepare the home or place of this practice in a quiet manner. This essence has existed bok us; it is a guiding and balancing force in the universe.

In Ford began publishing chapbooks and distributing them at low cost throughout the Satanic and Left Hand Path underground, which was designed as a type of ” hit and run ” guerrilla tactic.

Only a fragment is what remains. Is it unnatural for the wolf to devour its prey? Vampirism is absorbing the spiritual and mental energy of humanity, that which we wish to leave behind. Once finished, focus your mind’s eye toward extending and rising from your body. Strong, pure and beautiful. The devil is lord of the earth.

This totally unique, enormous tome, available now! For those advanced into the black arts of wamphyri, there are certain keys to entering other dimensions. Night Shadows and Varcolaci Astral travel and the rising of the Varcolaci is an important step within the awakening andd the Vampyric condition.

We are made this by the desire to become, to master and will our desires flesh. Book of the Worm by Michael W. A Luciferian is focused on self- realized goals and is willing to stop at nothing to become something better.