Malmö, with its , inhabitants, is the third-largest city in Sweden. Since , Malmö has been connected to Copenhagen by the Öresund Bridge, yet it has. The theme of Bo01 is the City of Tomorrow in an ecologically sustainable information and welfare community. Beauty and stimulation are keywords in the new. Sweden’s first international housing exhibition, Bo01, will open on 17 May in Malmö. The “City of Tomorrow” in the ecologically sustainable information and .

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The currently quantifiable requirements for ecological sustainability e. Bo01 is the name for an international housing exhibition that took place in — at that time representing the first stage of romorrow of the entire Western Harbour area.

Disqus allows you to share your thoughts and comments on each case tomorrrow in the platform. We are going to do this is two different locations: It is a process built on past lessons and the holistic approach providing lessons for similar projects in other cities. The housing exhibition gives promises for tomorrows way of living with man in focus. Add This allows to share interesting case studies and articles.

Our means to this end are as follows: Since the local population is largely composed of foreign people, communication was a challenge because of language barriers.

The energy consumption of the houses differed in some tomirrow from the consumption that had been estimated before the first implementation phases of the project.

Ekostaden Augustenborg and Bo01 – City of Tomorrow

This innovative open rainwater channel system protects the neighbourhood from seasonal flooding. The total development rights are for approx. The grid has been distorted by the wind, among other things, like a fishnet hung out to dry.


Bo01 — City of Tomorrow The energy consumption of the houses differed in some cases from the consumption that had been estimated before the first ckty phases of the project. Do you like this project? This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. Your choice will be saved with a cookie for the duration of your choice.

A large proportion of the heating needs will be xity from sea water and groundwater and will be complimented with solar collectors. Session 14 Tage Dauerhaft.

The city had decided to renovate the areas as early as the s. Currently Bo01 expo area is about 9ha of size and provides approx. A district ecologist will be employed in the Western Harbour area.

The buildings of Bo01 City of Tomorrow are the first part in the process of transforming the former industrial area to a brand new living urban district. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Are you already registered on the platform? An effective energy usage is essential in order to reach the target of entirely locally produced renewable energy. This contract contains the following key aspects: The apartments were spacious and of high quality for s standards.

City of Tomorrow Bo01, Malmö, Sweden – Martha Schwartz Partners

tomorrpw The buildings will be built so that inhabitants and users can utilise them in an environmentally friendly and resource efficient way.

During the decades of industrial decline, social and economic problems severely hit the area. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

This page was last edited on 11 Marchat Today, 4, residents live there. Building materials should be reusable when the buildings are demolished. Several houses with green roofs, solar panels, and a biogas composting-system linked to the ciyt house waste have also been erected.



The total amount invested in the Augustenborg area was 28 Mio. The main Bo01 entrance is located in the temporary exhibition area, and this is devoted to a discussion of the Bo01 theme, with special emphasis on the visionary.

New sidewalks and bicycle paths were constructed and a local electric car-pool was established by residents in order to reduce traffic-related problems. Thus the urban form is not from the “Middle Ages”, but is of today. Bo01 — City of Tomorrow Many knowledge exchange forums took place learning from the case of Bo This is why Bo01, for the first time ever, is putting green ssues at the centre of attention.

One basic principle was the participation of the local population in planning and implementation. Electricity will be generated by wind power and photovoltaic cells. Recyclable packaging materials will be collected at special points close to the houses. Ekostaden Augustenborg and Bo01 — City of Tomorrow. In fact many young families gave up residence because of the increase of tenure options and the high average of house prices after the new development of Bo