Cost: Free Title: Blood Prophecy Series: The Drake Chronicles #6. Author: Alyxandra Harvey Overall Rating: 3 stars. This book series definitely went downhill. Blood Prophecy. By: Alyxandra Harvey Media of Blood Prophecy The deliciously dark and dramatic finale to the much-loved Drake Chronicles series. Buy Blood Prophecy (Drake Chronicles) by Alyxandra Harvey (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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In this book, we follow her as she battles her demons and attempts to sort her life out. You can check out more reviews by me on my blog: It’s great to see so much of their friendship come out and to see how they’ve dealt with everything that’s been thrown at them especially in this book and the previous one and to have it be in the first person. Other books in the series. Can Solange find her way back home again? As I’ve mentioned previously, the fantastic group of character Harvey prophey created have make this series what it is but at the end of the day, it’s been Lucy who has made this series and in Blood Prophecy she’s back in all her rash, loving glory, with her quick tongue, one liners and fierce, unwavering loyalty to the Drakes.

Blood Prophecy (Drake Chronicles, #6) by Alyxandra Harvey

Oh, and she just HAD to insert a pack of beautiful boys, didn’t she? I was really hoping that there wouldn’t be anything left undone as far as that was concerned and really there wasn’t. I can’t get enough of Ms. Solange is smack-dab in the middle of everything, so we need her point of view, and Lucy is just kick-ass and, despite being human, probably the fiercest character in the entire series.


It was a nice way to end the book with Solange’s struggle to keep herself frde while fighting the vampire that has her possessed.

And along side those hot guys are strong and courageous women who are ready to take on a pack of dysfunctional propheccy called Helios-Ra. Blood Prophecy is actually told in a rotating POV by Solange, Lucy, Christabel who I still don’t like, nor understand what her addition to this series brought except perhaps a mate for ConnorIsabeau, and Hunter who has become probably my favorite secondary character because she and Lucy get along so well, and Hunter is another character who takes a beating and keeps on fighting.

She also makes some really adult decisions in the end, which I was truly surprised at. It was really very interesting–Harvey has tied it all in perfectly and managed to weave it all in with the Drake history to create a really intriguing explanation. Endless memories that Viola was ‘sharing’ with the reader through Solange bored me and added nothing to the plot.

I just finished this yesterday.

The first four books in this series were packed with action, humour and romance, and I had really loved them. And in the end, well, I won’t give anything away but it was sad and a little heartbreaking too. I haven’t been on this journey as long as everyone else but it sure did end awfully fast. And we get to see Lucy and the rest of the Helios-Ra gang kick some major ass, proving that humans are just as strong as vamps.

I even liked the way she handled herself when an prophecj from the past returns in hopes of riding humanity of the Drakes and vampires in general. A prophecy is told that is all about her and how she will be queen who is possessed.

Blood Prophecy

I am now depressed. If someone I love dies I am going to go cry in a corner somewhere. I hated almost all of the characters tow Source: It aljxandra tedious, unnecessarily complicated and boring. Harvey addressed them all- such as the different vampire factions Na Foir, harveey tribes, the tribe less and different people involved Hunters grandfather, the hit list, DAILEY?!?


A character that i found interesting was Lucy, she is one of the most humorous characters I have come across and is the type of girl everyone wants as a friend.

Or it was because I was losing my temper, since it seemed to happen the most when I was upset or annoyed, especially with Mom or Madame Veronique. They will all truly be missed.

She’s fun alyxandrs so quirky. Harvey did a brilliant job with Dawn as I could not predict who it was and was really shocked when I did find out. I really wanted to savor thi I prophdcy starting this book, the last book in the Drake Chronicles, was going to be a bittersweet journey.

Started reading this when it came out and it has been my favorite book series since. This is the best, funniest, and most satisfying vampire series currently in YA.

She might not have been able prophech save her mother but she could save Tristan. Actually, this novel probably had the least amount of romance in it out of the whole series. I was gree to cheer with relief when we finally got to that stage. Her overly protective brothers were always fighting for her but this was her battle and her battle alone.

But I really can’t think of a better way for it to have ended.