Becoming a Writer has ratings and reviews. Daniel said: Holy crap, Dorothea Brande, why the hell is your book almost completely forgotten?I g. A reissue of a classic work published in on writing and the creative process, Becoming a Writer recaptures the excitement of Dorothea. In that post I mentioned Dorothea Brande’s excellent book, Becoming a Writer, and, having discovered I had never actually reviewed this.

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Becoming a Writer

Brande’s genius is that she doesn’t really care whether you’re talented or publishable, what kind of material you want to write, or whether writing is, in and of itself, an important activity. On 13 September, I posted a piece wrier the difficulties that often beset writers. She also shows how to harness the unconscious, how to fall into the “artistic coma,” then how to re-emerge and be your own critic. This is Dorothea Brande’s legacy to all those who have ever wanted to express their ideas in written form.

Bursts of work are not what you are out to establish as your habit, but a good, steady, satisfying flow, rising occasionally to an extraordinary level of performance, but seldom falling below what you have discovered is your own normal output.

By the sixth grade only one or two in a class of thirty will even raise xorothea hand.

When I first read this book, my writing life was way out becominb balance, so this was a life-changer. If you tell yourself it will be easier when you quit your day job and start bootstrapping full time you could not be more wrong: Becoming a writer, she makes clear, requires strict discipline and continuous practice.

It’s accessible, practical, and inspiring, and now has a permanent place near my writing desk. As beginners, this huge bulk of work on how to perform the miracle many of us see as writing, can seem very daunting.

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And she doesn’t mince words: View all 6 comments. Refreshingly slim, beautifully written and deliciously elegant, Dorothea Brande’s Becoming a Writer remains evergreen decades after it was first written. To ask other readers questions about Becoming a Writerplease sign up. She plants that seed of knowledge in your soul which will tell you “This is it”, and will catapult you – as if by magic! Every single day I’ve never missed reading something.

For the most part this merely enables procrastination followed by a combination of burnout, poor performance, and missed objectives.

Right here I should like to sound the solemnest warning that you will find in this book: Jul 26, Cathy Carpenter rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a book that aspiring writers must read to achieve the magic that gets those words on paper. How do the seats face? Mackenzie makes the point early on that if you go to a class of first graders and ask how many are artists, everyone jumps to their feet. As Brande says in the introduction, dorofhea then, back inthere were several books on writing, and most of them are about necoming basic rules of storytelling, organisational problems, and so on.

The first part of the book fell victim to a process in me that she warns about in the middle of the book: As a matter of fact, you will find more value in this material than you expect, but your primary purpose now is not to bring forth deathless words, but to write any words at all which are not pure nonsense.

Preview — Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande. It will quiver and wince and run to cover, and you will have trouble driter luring it out again to observe and weave tales and find words for all becomnig thousand shades of feeling which go to wfiter up a story. The best way to do this branve to rise half an hour, or a full hour, earlier than you customarily rise.


There is not much to be said for the recommendation, so often heard, to serve an apprenticeship to journalism if you intend to write fiction. It even prescribes an exercise where one is told to wake up half an hour, or a full hour, earlier than he customarily rises in the morning and, without talking, reading or doing anything else at all, just WRITE.

Stuart Aken: Becoming A Writer, by Dorothea Brande, Reviewed

One idea I loved was not talking about your writing until it is done. Now all you need to concern yourself with is the mere performance of the exercise.

A completely honest inventory, taken every two or three months, or twice a year at the least, will keep you up to the best and most abundant writing of which you are capable. During one of these talks, he shared with one of them the book he was working on in his head and when he got back to the house, both the idea and the impulse to write it down had disappeared. Sure, with this book I should’ve gotten to where I am sooner, but thinking back on my journey, I kinda like exploring it on my own terms.

Becoming a Writer 1 8 Jun 24, Next step is to move that time to one that you consciously set. How many times have I heard that in order to write well one must be a reader? I know I say this every time, but this is one of the best books I’ve read about writing.

I believe that to be an aim worthy of effort. We should, Brande says. View all 9 comments. Newer Post Older Post Home. Morning Pages Write anything that comes into your head: