In order to compose “Autoritratto”, Carla Lonzi recorded conversations directly, availing herself of the then new technology of the tape recorder. Carla Lonzi by Carla Subrizi Carla Lonzi’s book Autoritratto (Self-portrait) was published by De Donato. A polyphonic self-portrait. The life and work of Carla Lonzi (–) is inseparable from the cultural, political, and social history of Italy in the decades.

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She and Lena separated in Was the Russian avant-garde a collaborator, a coproducer of the October Revolution? Your email subscription is almost complete.

She reveals how an autonomous feminine sexuality, one that dissociates the sex act from reproduction—even within heterosexual relationships—can be the starting point for a different type of subjectivization for women. Notes on Carla Lonzi’s Legacy”.

We Are All Clitoridian Women: Notes on Carla Lonzi’s Legacy

The sublimation involved in artmaking is politically unacceptable to Lonzi. So the custom among artists, to talk together, to listen, brings to mind this fact: My encounter with feminist theory happened through these readings.

On Feminist Generations, Affective Withdrawal and Social Reproduction Dimitra Gkitsa explores s Italian feminism and the ways in which it can inform and inspire activism in the present.

The most notable example of her continous interest in art is the short manifesto she wrote in signed Rivolta Femminile entitled On woman s absence from celebratory manifestations of male creativity Assenza della donna dai 3Idem, p. In this text, she develops her idea of woman as the passive spectator of the artwork, which certainly has to do with both Lonzi s role as a critic and with the type of abstract, non-figurative art that she advocated.

The eye-piece is Jesus Christ, and He, looking from outside through Himself into the kaleidoscope, finds perfect all our works. Very quickly, Carla Lonzi came to occupy a central position in Italian feminism, which, paradoxically, is also one of the reasons why Autoritratto was so quickly forgotten.

So when she asks, who is the critic nowadays, another question is implicit: She thus constructs the fiction of an uninterrupted conversation in which her role is essentially participatory. Of course, for Lonzi herself, there was no possible reconciliation between her activity as an art critic, and her engagement as a feminist.


Furthermore, these ideas, which occupy a pivotal role in Autoritratto, return in Lonzi s feminist writings, especially in her elaboration of sexual difference and her notion of woman s authenticity as a liberating force.

Not in the least of all pasts. We somehow know, however, that the only way to do something truly meaningful is to plunge into this risky process. For Lonzi, writing is one place where these ties can be unmade. Authenticity is often described as something that is already there and that needs to become manifest.

This entry was written by kaleidoscopeblogs and posted on March 30, at 9: It maintains it while also making contact: The absence of identity that gnawed at me was also the only hook I could hold onto.

Lonzi quite literally undoes both the practices and poetics of art writing hegemonic in her time: The human material that appears through this process of subtraction is frightening and dangerous, something that capitalism, the social order, and patriarchal politics try to hide and erase. Diary of a feminist Milan: Work and the labor of love are the two poles around which lonzu discussion revolves: Dora Stiefelmaier will recount her own acquaintance with both Lonzi and Accardi in the late s and share important archival material about the disagreements that resulted in Accardi s break with Rivolta Femminile in The Diary is largely an experiment with relationships, as well as an exploration of female sexuality and a pursuit of truth.

Carla Lonzi, Carla Accardi and Serena Castaldi formed Rivolta Aktoritratto Female Revolt [PDF]a radical group that created space for women to question not only their interactions with the world, but most importantly to raise awareness of the self. Notify me of new comments via email. Consagra in his studio in Via Margutta, Rome, Because it was written over a year period, its ideas are in constant evolution.


Analogously, the photograph of St. Verso, Her call autoritatto a radical de-skilling3 or de-culturation as a means for feminist action resulted in an uncompromised, yet often contradictory rejection of patriarchal culture. Three mirrors function to multiply the fragments inside the tube, replicating each individually each fragment in relation to itself and replicating the set each fragment in relation to the other fragmentsconstantly reconfigured as the tube twists.

Edizioni, Milano,p.


Immediately following the publication of AutoritrattoLonzi went on to form the feminist collective Rivolta Femminile with Carla Accardi and Elvira Banotti, in the summer of Her texts and conversations with artists provided the materials for her book Autoritratto Self-Portrait which reflects her struggle to redefine and support her female subjectivity within the male-dominated art world of the time.

To me … I never had this meditation on people, you know? And yet, as someone who struggled against such categories and their power to reduce life to a sum of roles and identities, my own attempt to define her activity will inevitably remain provisional and incomplete.

At the lonzo time, I think that our idea of the future is still very much connected to the idea of a linear progression… I wonder what the potential of thinking the present as the time of change might be. There is a fascinating demand made on herself and others that appears explicitly from the very first lines of her journal.

How much I admire the idea and how autoritrafto to tolerate the experience of. What is auyoritratto in her conceptual and political operation is the total absence of a need to fight patriarchy with its own weapons: The majority of these images are personal or travel snapshots only a small number reproduce artworks.

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