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Class Attributes Instance Traditionally in such cases other types of starting with reduced stator voltage have been resorted to.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

The best-known are star-delta starters, autotransformer starters, stator resistance starters or using part winding motors. Recommended Motor and Type Unit Ratings. Long Slow Speed Time: Heat Sink Over Temperature: Aux Contact — Immediate: Aux Contact — End Of Ramp: Trips when one or two. Adjustable via Starting Voltage parameter.

Adjustable via Ramp UP Time. Adjustable via Ramp UP-2 parameter. When a parameter is displayed, pressing this button scrolls to the next parameter. Allows the operator to increment adjusted values shown in the display. The LCD will display: Motor Current 0 4. Kickstart Time 0 SEC. After pressing the Mode or Select keys, a time delay is initiated. If current is lower than 0. Range 0 Standard 1!! Intended to start high friction loads that require high starting torque for a short time.

This adjustment also determines the inrush current and mechanical shock. A setting that is too high may cause high initial mechanical shock and high inrush current. A setting that is too high will increase the current drawn from mains and speed aztat acceleration.

A setting that is too low may prevent the motor from completing the acceleration process and reaching full speed.

In general, this setting should be set to a value that is high enough to prevent stalling. Start Time 30 SEC. Start Lockout 15 Min.

GE General Electric Astat-xt Soft Starter Qt20072u11ms

Sets the time delay for the End of Ramp relay to close. End of Ramp relay can signal that the motor is at its full speed which can be used for zstat the bypass contactor and for loading the motor.


In some pump applications, this peak may cause a pressure surge in the pipes.

Soft Start Curves 1, 2, 3 — During acceleration before reaching peak torque, the Pump Control Program automatically controls the voltage ramp-up, thus, reducing peak torque.

Refer to section 4. Used for controlled deceleration of high friction loads. The most stable and suitable curve for preventing prolonged stopping and motor overheating.

Generator Parameters is required, xr the following: Set dip switch 3 to ON refer to section 5.

Connect control inputs voltage to input terminal 8. The following display appears: Unit Description Sets the required energy saving level.

Activated when the motor has a light load for extended periods of time. In order to activate this function: Thermistor Trip Disabled Disabled, 0. Thermistor Trip has a factory preset time delay of 2 sec. Undercurrent RST Disabled 10—min. Sets the terminal 8 function Refer to section 4. Sets the Fault Relay mode of operation. The Reset command will take effect only if the start command is removed. Except for Undercurrent RST when enabled.

Refer to page Operational when the Modbus communication PCB is installed. Operational when the optional communication PCB is installed. No Data A Displays the last starting time in seconds. Starting time is the duration until motor current drops to nominal. Displays the last starting current. Number Of Starts 0 Displays the total number of starts. Undercurrent fault can be set to auto-reset refer to section 4.

Dip switches location, software version label location and PCB hardware version identification. Generator Parameters Refer to section 8. Generator Parameters, the motor must be loaded to avoid vibration during starting and stopping.

Switches 5, 6 — Language Selection Language selection defined by the switch settings.

GE Industrial Solutions ASTAT XT : User Manual

Language Astqt 5 5. For fan power consumption, see technical specification section 3 page Aatat control jumper J1. Refer to section 5. Continuous mode factory default — Fan operates as long as the control supply is connected to terminals L-N. Leave the internal jumper connected to the left terminal of JI marked A in the drawing. Use twisted shielded cable for the thermistor connection. Other loads such as incandescent light bulbs, resistors, etc. On LED will light. Review all parameters with the Mode and Select keys.


Set parameters as required. If necessary, return to Default Parameters refer to section 4. Start time to approximately 5 seconds longer than the Last Start Time. The voltage remains at this value astaat the motor reaches close to nominal speed, where current starts to decrease and voltage continues to ramp-up to nominal.

Storage Error Storage Error displays in case of a failure in parameter storing. Wait 3 seconds and try to store again. To obtain default parameters refer to astaat 4. For protection parameters settings refer to section 4. Verify that the motor is connected properly. See note 1 at the end of this section.

Refer to section 8. Switch E can be used as an External Fault input only when terminal 21 is connected to neutral or ground.

Generator Parameters Wiring Notes: Based on experience, the power kW of a diesel generator should usually exceed at least 1. However this should be checked on a case by case basis. Note that although when connected Inside Delta the current is reduced by 1. When using Inside Delta connection: C1 is a bypass contactor.

C2 is an Inside Delta contactor. Add 20 mm to the depth dimension when the optional remote key-pad is installed.

Binary Each character contains 11 bits: Silent Interval for at least 3. Force Multiple Registers Read setting parameters. Read actual data for Modbus Plus users. Force one discrete command. Write one parameter setting. It includes both logic and statistical information. All parameters are word two bytes parameters.