ASRAR E HAQIQI [HAZRAT KHWAJA MOINUDDIN CHISTI] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a very old book written by the great. In this magazine one other magazine Israr-e- Haqiqi by Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is also added to the reader’s response to reading many secrets of the. This book, in fact, consists of words written to Khalifa e Khaas of Hazrat Moinuddin, Hazrat Bakhtyar Kaaki Rahmatullah Alaeh, as well a renowned Sufi.

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So, for this reason, the bread appearing from the prayer mat has been stopped. So I have made them my beloved and I have opted them as arguments for me. So in the grave, they become sympathetic friend and lamp and they will live with me at every w and should not live me there. Because invocation is also 18 being two and being two with Arif person asrxr infidelity.

Believe it that one who has given divine help for the good deeds so ahqiqi him for this reason the door of nearness was already opened for him. Tariqa Islah Read more. And for this reason, he can see in them his aim. And with this prayer, there will be an available meeting of the friend.

Umar the prophets and holy people always used to be engaged in the invocation of Khafi hidden. See Mazub one lost in divine meditation Salik a mystic and it refers to a person who is committed to a Murshid spiritual master in a Tariqa spiritual path of Sufism and is also known as a salik Arabic: And they are involved in the adornment of the manifest and they do haqiqk know about the reality in this matter.

Israr E Haqiqi

As these people are slaves of their souls. Aqeel Akram rated it really liked it Jan 01, That aim is that till the writing this letter he is greatful for the health of the manifest for him. I have studied four books of Taurah, InjilZabur, Quran and upon studying of these four books I have find these eight matters and one who will act qsrar these eight matters then he is such person who is acting upon the above four books of Allah.


Umar guidance and advice will depend on the ability and gender of the Asrrar. When there will be such situation then he will meet the friend and he will become alive asrad always. Be worried and be anxious about the unrelated other than Allah. Allah Ka Faqeer Read more.

Babar Awrar added it May 01, Khutbat e Ghazali Read more. But there is a difference of manifestation of the attributes in them and like that for any matter there will be one meaning of it will be there but it will be described in different phraseology haqiwi in the same way there is one personality of Allah is there but there are many manifestations of Allah are there.

There is no such is available there that who can go with him in the grave and will become his sympathetic friend and lamp there and settling the destinations of the day of judgement. But he should think it as a blessing and he should spend it in indigence and starvation and spend his life ahqiqi humility and modesty.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The prophet of Allah has said as follows. It should know that with 23 which thing the fasting is being kept. Seerat E Mansoor Hallaj Read more.

Full text of “Israr e Haqiqi by Moinuddin Chishti”

As because the prophet of Allah was always engaged in the worship and servitude in the condition of prostration. So such fasting it means it belongs to the worldly fasting which will never become the real fasting as well as divinely fasting. This is cause of the pride of this thinking. No part of this publication may be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, without written permission from the publisher.


Umar so a Salik Arabic: The love of the world is the root cause of all evils. So that it may not be spend in the careless in this matter. Guftagu 11 Read more.

Umar bin Qattab R. Belief in angels as the instruments of God’s will. Muin ud Din Chishti Ajmeri. Gunahon Say Tauba Read more. Because religious desires are like the desire of 22 houries and heaven.

Kahe Faqeer Read more. And he is enduring grief and hardships in this matter asrae he will able to get f from the rulers of the world. The wealth and status are heavy idols are there and these things have been misleading many persons from the right path and still these things are misleading many persons.

But it is not easy to identify the heart of reality. Excepting the fondness of the meeting of manifest what more I would mention in the writing.

Amureed is an initiate into the mystic philosophy 15 of Sufism and they do not ask question and answers but they used to live silent and behave politely. Maqalat E Jalalpuri Read more. Due to this reason, their approach is limited and will be up to the sensual angelic world.

So for this reason he will be involved in illegal and doubts and so he will face disgrace in this matter. Guftagu 25 Read more.

Among the four steps of the love of Allah on the first step the persons of Islamic law are found moving there.