The hearings were known as the pujo investigation after the committee chairman, louisiana congressman arsene pujo. Apush the american pageant chapter The Pujo Committee was established in by Arsène Pujo, a member of the United States House of Representatives as well as the National. File:Arsene No higher resolution available. ( × pixels, file size: 25 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg).

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The committee attempted to find out if there really was a money trust, if such a trust was conscious of itself, and how the trust explained itself. Cannon said he hoped the investigation was not intended for Democratic publicity purposes, but added: In final form, the provisions stated that all persons twenty-one years of age or over possessing the following qualifications would be allowed to vote: Panic occurred, as this was during a time of economic recession, and there were numerous runs on banks and trust companies.

File:Arsene Pujo.jpg

His adeptness in finance on the national level will arsen discussed in later chapters. Pujo in his race for Congress. After this one hearing, the committee shifted to New York City. He had attended informal meetings of the commission, but the commission held no formal meetings until autumn of The committee began its investigation into the operations of the New York Stock Exchange on June 12 and 13 with the testimony of George W.

In course of time the College was shifted to its new location puoj rechristened as The Medical College. The Pujo home was a Lake Charles landmark until it was demolished about This history of central banking in the United States encompasses various bank regulations, from early “wildcat” practices through the present Federal Reserve System. Modern investment management and the prudent man rule pdf. He met his wife, Florence Haskell Corliss, at the Harvard commencement.


September 30, — February 2, was an American banker. This article details the history of banking in the United States. Pujo was a lawyer of unusual ability, eminently successful and in public matters at all times frank and open in supporting what he thought was right or condemning that which he thought was wrong; and tolerant toward the views of others.

Senator from Rhode Island, see Felix Hebert. Pujo made an unsuccessful attempt to include watercraft under the supervision of the commission when those watercraft were used in conjunction with a railroad.

Meanwhile, Democratic Party leaders were debating whether an investigation would be desirable with the presidential election scheduled for November, Without having made a complete analysis, and relying largely upon my recollection of the testimony, I feel authorized in stating that some of the transactions were startling in their nature and are of great interest to the people.

Economics books Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Lee Garland of St. The Clarion has always plumed itself upon being a champion of Democracy and white supremacy. The banking act of had permitted banks to loan only 10 percent of their capital to one individual, firm, or corporation, and the bill supported by Pujo would increase the maximum single loan to 20 percent. Rasene citizen said voters in Grant Parish were voting without regard to registration or poll tax receipt and political activity in St.

Pujo Committee

Livingston’s memoir, The Windmill Chaser: In a discussion of the resolution, Pujo stated that Untermyer would no accept employment unless additional powers were granted the committee. Representative for Louisiana’s 2nd congressional district since Acadia was the decisive parish, Pujo getting 1, votes to for Polk.


Transcribed by Leora White, September Burton wrote Pujo saying he would not be able to visit the area in his current trip.

Jones, former president of the bank, produced a letter from Hugh Kelly, the man he succeeded as president, in which Kelly attributed closing of the bank to withdrawal of clearing house certificates from the bank.

In support of his position, he submitted a statement showing the location of national banks, by states, the relative distribution of pujjo capital, the amount of bonds deposited in each bank and the interest paid on these bonds.

The Public Career of Arsene P. Pujo, Louisiana Congressman,

Chapter 20how did the roosevelt administration design. Resolution spelled out in definite terms the situations the committee would be able to investigate. The inquiry revealed that J. Of the New York hearings, The Nation magazine reported: Early attempts to create a national bank Inan act of the Congress of the Confederation established the Bank of North America in Philadelphia, where it superseded the s History Created on 16 Novemberit was closely influenced by Charles Maurras’ integralism doctrine of nationalism, and was quite popular between the two World Wars.

Pujo began building a home on the northwest corner of Bilbo and Mill streets in Lake Charles in October,