Armorcast Inquisitor Magazine Pdf. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. By filling out a tiny 3 field form and. Armorcast mainly produce a wide range of scenery pieces in resin. The first Titan rules were published in Inquisitor #3 in January of Hi John,. I have been more than just a bit busy over the last few months. Inq 18 will be out in February. Tim. — Tim DuPertuis ARMORCAST and.

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It was 3 dollars.

When only one condition is listed, then the box and contents are in the same condition. But there is some fantastically useful or funny material there in between things to make you want to drink until you can no longer feel feelings.

I am a nerd! Word soon got around about these wonderful models and Tim DuPertuis started publishing Inquisitor magazine June of with rules for these models in it. It is a conversion of their Haruspex kit and uses much of the same rules as its’ three cousins from last issue.

Everyone used Allies as a way to take more super units than their army list already allowed. They are not good.

A company out of Armorvast Lyme CT. Join our nerd ways at https: Jim Dieter gives us four pages on painting Chaos Marines with some semi useful black and white phots and a fair step by step guide on painting them. Even at GW prices! Look at their prices for resin kits. Armoracst hell, just for Tim D. This issue is 36 total pages counting the covers. Armorcast acts like it doesn’t even want to remember this magazine.


Close to perfect, very collectible.

#16 “Chimera Variants, Armorcast Vehicle Data Fixes”

Home Back to Results. And an example of the record sheets. At first, Warhammer 40K players inqusiitor no vehicles as there were only 2 Games Workshop models and those were only for one race — the Marines. Next time we hit the final full 2nd edition 40K issue of Inquisitor and the second to last issue period!

The Vindicator in this is kind of a weaker Demolisher Cannon from the Leman Russ variant but still pretty nasty for points. Its overcomplicated, fidgety, adds in tons more die rolls, record keeping, record SHEETS to write on, and is just sort of adding Battletech levels of aspie detail to a game unsuited jnquisitor it.

Wargame Dork: Operation Game Collection Warhammer 40K Special: Fan Magazines Part 6: Inquisitor 17

With the exception of the Ork Gargant, most of these models were only every produced in arjorcast runs of 30 on a trial basis to test the market. Two versions were produced using rapid prototyping [very expensive! The rules say it’s targeters give it problems with ground units. Run it near a squad to aid it in both close and ranged combat.


I say yes sir! I can dig this one over Fallout’s. The first big article of this issue has Tim D. Boardgame counters are punched, unless noted. So what did I think about my first issue of Inquisitor? Nick’s company is Epicast USA. Chonos38 Reaver Titan Head 4.

Next up are the three Tyranid critters with a Subscription and Convention Schedule page in between them. I never chose to play him again. The Amorcast ad page lists what was probably arkorcast dream item for most of us at the time, armorcasg it is now probably one of the more rare 40K minis.

Some nice minis and a great setting though! I won’t really compare prices until Issue 17 which is the last one to have prices for Armorcast 40K stuff before their rights were lost. Well this IS Imperial Guard. We then get our corrected Eldar Phantom Titan Datafax, which was apparently mostly just a lot of fixed typos because in the age of Windows 95 I guess there wasn’t armorczst spell check features available.