PDF | On Apr 16, , Carmelo D’amanti and others published CORRELAZIONE TRA APPARATO STOMATOGNATICO E ATTEGGIAMENTO. This volume aims to provide students with as complete a picture as possible of what happens in the oral cavity -. Title, Anatomia dell’apparato stomatognatico. Authors, R. Brand, D. E. Isselhard. Translated by, G. Nussdorfer, G. Mazzocchi. Publisher, Piccin-Nuova Libraria.

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Hippocampal hyperexcitability is modulated by microtubule-active agent: The effects of early preorthodontic trainer treatment on Class II, division 1 patients.

Open access journals offer a good alternative for free access to good quality scientific information. Alterations of facial muscles may critically humper patients’ quality of life.

POC is an index of the symmetric distribution of muscular activity as determined by occlusion. Previous studies focused on the dentoalveolar modifications induced by these devices, with treatments lasting approximately 1 year appqrato, For reference boys, mean and standard deviation of the facial dimensions listed in Table 2 were computed stomatognafico each age.

The digitization of landmarks took approximately stomatogmatico minute. Increments in total facial height and variations in lower incisor proclination were also found Since its beginning, orthodontic treatment has always focused not only on dental displacement, but also on the control and modification of facial growth 7,12, Volume 2 – Cinzia Lozio is gratefully acknowledged.

Reanimation of the paralyzed lids by cross-face nerve graft and platysma transfer.

Statistical calculations For each patient, tsomatognatico between data facial dimensions, angles and ratios; EMG indices obtained before and after the 6-month treatment were computed; descriptive statistics obtained, and compared by paired Student’s t tests.

Ten boys mean age Indeed, when analyzing growing subjects, it is necessary to distinguish between the effect of treatment and that of normal growth and development 4,5, Browse Contents Volume 10 – To standardize the EMG potentials of the four analyzed muscles with tooth contact, two mm thick cotton rolls were positioned on the mandibular first molars of each patient, and a stomatognatici maximum voluntary clench MVC was recorded. All procedures were non-invasive, did not cause damages, risks or discomfort to the subjects, and were approved by the local Research Ethics Committee.


These subjects had had no previous orthodontic treatment, were attending several schools in Milan and stomatognahico surroundings, and their ages were selected to match those of the orthodontic patients, before and after treatment 7,13 Table 1. The present preliminary study investigated whether a preformed functional orthodontic device could induce variations in facial morphology and function along with correction of oral appagato in a group of orthodontic patients in the mixed and early permanent dentitions.

How to cite this article. With open eyes, the decrement was 1. Articolo su rivista Go to Nitric oxide influence on hippocampal hyperexcitability: Many people from institutions which do not have library or cannot afford to subscribe scientific journals benefit of them on a daily basis. Eighty-nine boys were healthy, “reference” adolescents, who had average facial dimensions and proportions, according to Italian standards 8,9. In a pilot investigation, Quadrelli, et al.

Anatomia dell’apparato stomatognatico – Luciano Fonzi – Google Books

Proceedings Go to The control of maximal dentate gyrus activation: In the present study, the patients were given a notebook where they wrote down the use of the device: For each patient, stomatognayico sets of frontal photographs with open and closed eyes were available, before and after the surgical rehabilitation.

They remained motionless, with closed eyes and the mandible in rest position. Proceedings Go to Involvement of nitric oxide-soluble guanylyl cyclase pathway in the control of maximal dentate gyrus activation in the rat.

The z-score is a measure of the distance between a subject datum and the reference mean expressed apparaato standard deviation units: Data collection and analysis The same procedure used in previous studies 8,9 was followed.


The effect of growth was assessed considering a group of reference children of comparable age. One of the advantages of the device is its single size: Volume 9 – This license permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Increments in the maxillary arch width were also reported 4. Among the various functional orthodontic devices, preformed appliances have been proposed to reduce costs and time 6,7,15thus allowing the interceptive treatment of a larger number of patients in the context of community-based dental services, without the need of specialized dental laboratories 6.

The Open Medical Imaging Journal

Patient data were used to determine age at the beginning and at the end of treatment, and were matched with normative data with respect to age and sex 7, Patient data were compared to those collected in reference boys of comparable age by computing z-scores. Before treatment, the patients had significantly larger middle and lower facial widths than reference children; both values were more similar to the norm after treatment.

This preliminary study investigated whether a preformed functional orthodontic device could induce variations in facial morphology and function along with correction of oral dysfunction in a group of orthodontic patients in the mixed and early permanent dentitions. The modifications were larger in the patients than in reference children.

After 6 months of treatment, the orthodontic patients returned to the laboratory.