reactivation. immunoassay system), strips are impregnated with the dry conjugate , antibody, apo-enzyme, glucose and reagents for detecting hydrogen peroxide. The use of antiserum to glucose oxidase in the apoenzyme reactivation immunoassay system (ARIS) is described. Formation of an immune complex between. Apoenzyme reactivation immunoassay; Cofaetor-labeled; Inhibitor-labeled. Introduction. Homo~’:icous immunoassay is defined as an immunoassay system in.

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These antibodies are typically directed against the specific test ligands antigens that are the focus of interest for this particular immunoassay e. Such recombinant antibody-apoenzyme fusion proteins could be useful in a number of different types of electrochemical immunoassays. In this example, assume that the microarray has been constructed according to Ser. As a result, many useful assays, such as immunochemical assays, enzyme substrate apoenzymw, and the like must currently be performed using older optical dry reagent technology.

In this example, the device additionally contains the FAD apoenzyme prosthetic group 6 complexed to a molecule or surface 7 by way of protease test substrate peptide 8. Prior art for enzyme based electrochemical biosensors for blood glucose can be apoenzymw a variety of patents, including many assigned to Genetics International, Medisense, E. Monitoring the change in current at a 0. For other coagulation tests, a different coagulation initiator may be used.

One exemplary grade TGP-H is 0. This material is a loose meshwork of connected electrically conducting carbon fibers, and has a structure similar to loose weave filter paper, with large approximately 50 micron holes and voids in-between the various thin and interconnected carbon filaments. In the case of a coagulation assay, such as a prothrombin time assay the test or analyte enzyme 9 may be thrombin, which is produced by the reaction of thromboplastin in the reagent not shown with the various clotting factors present in a patient sample.

In this later configuration, the test strip configuration may be optimized so as to allow the liquid sample to hydrate the thromboplastin or other coagulation initiator pellet 6 first, and then contact the porous electrode 5 after a slight time delay preferably on the order of a second or less that allows the coagulation process to begin. Method and apparatus for a multi-use body fluid sampling device with sterility barrier release.


APOENZYME – Definition and synonyms of apoenzyme in the English dictionary

When used with a slow acting thromboplastin such as Dade Innovin, and the change in current at a 0. Novel electrochemical sensor system for protein using the aptamers in sandwich manner.

Amphetamine protein complex as immunogen for obtaining antibodies specific to methamphetamine. The HRP may in turn be bound to an electrode surface, either by a covalent linkage, or by a non-covalent interaction. Porous electrode 1 also contains a population of protease proteolytic enzyme reactivationn test substrate conjugated microspheres microbeads 6 and apoenzyme conjugated microspheres 20 within multiple voids 3. These hybrid antibodies are particularly useful for constructing simplified electrochemical antigen detector devices.

Jones, Michel Kleitz, As a result, the hybrid molecule now associates with the bound prosthetic group.

If supplemental electrical power is needed to drive the device, the device’s onboard electronics can be designed to draw power from an internal immunowssay, from radiofrequency signals, magnetic coupling induction signals, or other means. Other control chemistry is also possible.

The eluate from this column should then be immediately coupled to 1. Typical results from this type of study are shown in table 1 below. Experiment 1 Immunochemistry experiment using antibody conjugated beads and a porous electrode. Proceedings of the 3rd International Meeting on Chemical Sensors, pp. The apoenzyme must be stable enough to be stored for the desired storage time of the assay. Methods to produce electrically active antibody-enzyme hybrids: Two of these configurations are shown in FIG.

Eventually, these liberated prosthetic groups 8 diffuse 30 to the prosthetic binding region 22 of electrochemical apoenzyme 21where they bind, causing apoenzyme 21 to now become a fully active enzyme.

Field of the Invention The field of the invention is improved electrochemical diagnostic reagents useful for instrumented tests for coagulation, immunoassays, and other analytes.

In the normal state, this system acts to prevent bleeding due to minor wounds and other minor damage, but in under pathological conditions such as heart or circulatory system disorders can cause a lethal blood clot.


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In particular, A fails to teach how the activity of analyte enzymes that act to cleave polymeric test substrates by hydrolysis, such as proteases, nucleases, and glycosylases, can be directly detected.

In a fourth scheme, the apoenzyme or inactive electrochemical enzyme itself is bound to the electrode surface, and the mediator is also bound to the electrode surface. The detection device of claim 1mounted on an invasive device selected from the group consisting of surgical tools, catheters, implantable electrodes, implantable chips, and implantable biosensors, in which the detection device is initially protected from body fluids by a removable covering.

The resulting electrochemical reaction can then be detected. This pathway consists of several proteolytic enzymes, including factor VII, factor X, and thrombin. The invention discloses methods in which dry reagent electrochemical technology, which is in a relatively mature form due to the extensive amount of development pioneered by the blood glucose monitoring industry, may be simply adapted to perform important hydrolase enzymatic activity tests such as blood coagulation and other reactivztion tests of interest.

Immunoaseay specific binding assay monitored with apoglutathione reductase or apolipoamide dehydrogenase. In still other applications, it may be useful to screen for mutant electrical enzyme gene antibody combinations where the enzyme portion of the hybrid has an activity that is sensitive to the binding or non-binding of antigen to the antibody portion of the hybrid.

In this experiment, FAD-EGGGVRGPR-beads can be created by Fmoc solid phase synthesis and FAD conjugation, suspended in the same Trehalose buffer described previously, and deposited using an air brush on the same porous Toray carbon paper electrodes along with the apoglucose oxidase microbeads as described previously.

This electrode is then mounted on a solid support containing leader electrodes using the conductive adhesives described previously. Compositions for fabric based lateral flow assay device using electrochemical detection means, and devices therefrom.