Buy API 12GDU: SPECIFICATION FOR GLYCOL-TYPE GAS DEHYDRATION UNITS from SAI Global. NOTE Requests for permissioit to reproduce or translate all or aitg pari of the material published herein should be This is the fìrst edition of API Spec 12GDU. If you download and find it useful, just click on Thanks button! Visit and become a member of. Welding Engineering & Inspection group. Here: [link Point to.

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Giycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units 11 num or stainless steel.

[PDF] API Spec 12GDU, Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units – Free Download PDF

Normally the still column vapors are controller function, and glycol level in the sure tank. Pipe type heat exchangers shall be con- Xpi components may be insulated as specified at time structed and tested in accordance with ANSI B Since carbon steel sulfide H,S or Oxygen O, dissolved in the is the major material of construction for typ- glycol. Available sizes and working pres- internal pressure or full of water, whichever is greater. The number of trays installed in a a. The purchaser 24 shall advise the manufacturer of the site elevation.

Glycol that has been column or the equivalent number of actual trays for a regenerated and is essentially free of water. In lieu of separate Ap nameplate and 1. The dew point As! The difference in water phere, It normally consists of a corrugated aluminum dew point temperature between the inlet and outlet gas. The deflection of fiat end closures should be ratings shown in Table 5.

A nameplate shall be attached to the fire- 1. Absorption takes place as the gas flows upward through the pack- ing, contacting the wetted surface.

Methods usually only mildly corrosive because most for corrosion control used in other wet gas of the water and dissolved gases are boiled systems are also applicable to vessels and off in the still column. Calculated values for Qc are given in Table D.


Specification and identification the material is to be to the tray manufacturers stand- of jacketing shall comply with an ASTM standard and ard practice of marking or packaging. Manufacturers of glycol type dehy- 1.

A chaser and the manufacturer. The following process design required area As gives the diameter Ds of the inlet data is required for the proper sizing of a natural gas scrubber.

Condensate removal may be glycol contact. These temperatures are a somewhat smaller effect on equipment performance. This obtained from the following sources. Examples are heating coils in scrubbers, normal after circulation has been established.


American Petroleum Institute API Specifications loss or damage resulting from their use, or municipal are published as aids to the procurement of standard- regulation with which an API Specification may con- ized equipment and materiais, as we]!

Multiple pressure relieving devices a. Inlet Gas Specific Gravity D. This term is commonly applied to tactor usually contains bubble cap trays, valve trays or the heat release through the cross section of the fire- packing. Removal of water vapor from a gas. An exception would be lean glycol should be used for selection of materials. Material used of tubing and fittings shall comply with an ASTM spec- shall comply with the requirements of the Standards of ification. Design Code for Glycol Dehydration Units No idea why it was withdrawn but it can still be purchased on techstreet.

API Spec 12GDU, Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units

The gas contactor furnished to this the purchaser. Water and glycol vapors from the is directed from the bottom of the contactor to the reboiler enter the bottom of the still column, which is regeneration system.

Reservoir for regenerated glycol 2.

The surge tank is used to provide volume to prevent glycol overflow into the scrubber glycol for operating purposes and is not considered as during shutdown. It is the cool the lean glycol with the gas leaving the contactor basis for the pressure setting of the pressure relieving before 12ydu glycol enters the contactor.


All equipment must be installed on Gas flow may now be started through the contactor. The contactor shall be provided with a mist extractor to 5. Vertically pressure vessel at which it normally operates. Apii liquids, water, hydrocarbon con- A.

The glycol reboiler should containing compressor lube oil needs special considera- be equipped with a still column complete with packing tions in separator design and a coalescing filter-type in order to minimize glycol vaporization losses. Attention Users of this Publication: Corrosion are usually considered satisfactory. Dehydrator performance can be easily From Fig. The bar notations in the margins are provided as an aid to users to identify those parts of this publication that have been changed from apii pre- vious edition, but API makes no warranty as to the accuracy of such bar notations.

Suppliers Association, Tenth Edition, The exchanger shall be capable of cooling the lean glycol to Many types of packing may be used in the contactor for the maximum temperature recommended by the pump the contacting of the gas with the glycol.

A reboiler furnished to this specification equipment. Vessel diameter is generally expanded in 6 inch incre- ments, measured either as outside diameter OD 1g2du inside diameter ID.

Slotted metal caps attached over hydrocarbon liquids. Inlet Gas Temperature in the contactor.

A still column furnished to this qpi ification is to be integral with the reboiler. A minimum length to diameter relieving capacity. The allowable gas flow rate is obtained from Table D.