Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi. (checkered leaf disease). Polygonal spots that indicate the presence of this nematode in the leaf lamina are very characteristic. A. Mohammad Deimi and S. Barouti, Department of Plant Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad . General information about Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi (APLORI).

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Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser. Return to Aphelenchoididae Menu. Study of Aphelenchoides-Corynebacterium complex. Aphelenchus ritzemabosi SchwartzPathoaphelenchus ritzemabosi SchwartzSteinerAphelenchoides Chitinoaphelenchus ritzemabosi Schwartz FuchsPseudaphelenchoides ritzemabosi Schwartz DrozdovskiTylenchus ribes TaylorAphelenchus ribes Taylor GoodeyAphelenchoides ribes Taylor GoodeyAphelenchus phyllophagus Stewart [2].

The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. Major plant parasitic nematodes associated with flower crops in Italy and their control. Izdatel’stvo “Zinatne”, pp.

Journal of Nematology, 16 2: Taxonomic Tree Top of page Domain: Foliage should only be wet for short intervals. Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi – Chrysanthemum foliar nematode.

Plant Disease Reporter, 38 3: Ovary single, with ritzzemabosi in multiple rows. A new disease of pinto bean caused by Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi in Wyoming. Damage to the plant crowns and reduced yield were related to population density in winter and spring, but reduced runner production was due to the summer population density Bohmer, Bladnematoder orsakar miljonforluster for den svenska jordgubbsodlingen varje ar.


In leaves of groundsel Senecio vulgaris the life cycle is completed in days Stewart, Retrieved 25 October The leaves are invaded through the stomata.


Introduction Symptoms and control of diseases in strawberry due to infestation by A. It can feed both ectoparasitically and endoparasitically, with the later causing the most significant damage. The control of Aphelenchoides ritzema-bosi on chrysanthemums. Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi on chrysanthemum, its harmfulness and control. Host records of parasitic leaf rizemabosi. A foliar nematode and a Phytophthora parasitic to gloxinia.

EPPO Global Database

Common weeds goosegrass, chickweed, buttercup, sowthistle, speedwell are hosts and hence weed control is important in the control of A. New Delhi, 2nd Rev. The Bulb Mite, Rhizoglyphus echinopus, is a known predator of A. Plant Pathology, 26 3: Typical damage is characterized by necrotic zones between the veins of the leaves.

Chrysanthemum leaves appeared discolored and slightly deformed. Aphelechoididae w pakach lisciowych porzeczki czarnej Ribes nigrum L. Detection and Inspection Top of page Infested chrysanthemum leaves become crinkled and deformed, occasionally accompanied by discoloration, and by nematodes in buds inhabiting mainly the axils or innermost parts of the bud Kobayashi et al.


French N, Barraclough RM, Astronauts of the Nematode World: Nematodes associated with strawberry in Mexico.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use ritzemaobsi Privacy Policy. Infested leaves become crinkled and deformed, occasionally accompanied by discoloration, with blotches and ritaemabosi patches turning into brown and white-yellow areas. First described in England init was given the name Aphelenchus olesistus by Ritzema-Bos in The level of susceptibility varies among cultivars. It should be noted that the commercial varieties are constantly changing and new ones are being introduced, so that a list of resistant or less-resistant varieties will not serve any practical purpose MAFF, No reproduction was observed at temperatures of 8 degrees Celsius.

Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi (APLORI)[Overview]| EPPO Global Database

Tail elongate-conoid, bearing a terminal peg which has two to four tooth-like processes pointing posteriorly and giving it a paint brush-like appearance. The crown weight of strawberry cv. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries ritzemaabosi Food.