“Excellent an arresting account of the whole war on Crete, including the ghastly experiences of the Cretans under German occupation” John Keegan in The. The bestselling author of The Battle of Arnhem and D-Day vividly reconstructs the epic WWII struggle for Crete – reissued with a new introduction. Crete has ratings and 65 reviews. Czarny said: This is a very good book and one that is great pleasure to read. It is not however a masterpiece on th.

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The narrative did not grip me and I found myself wandering and having to read some section over again.

This book is typical Beevor. Recommended to Czarny by: The German invasion of the island from the air, unique beevot the history of warfare, turned into the closest-run battle of the war.

Crete: The Battle And The Resistance by Antony Beevor

Dec 09, Matt rated it liked it. Dec 20, Colin Harding rated it liked it. It exceeded anything that any other air force possessed. Create An Account Why Join? They had no idea that the British, using Ultra intercepts, knew their plans and had laid a carefully-planned trap.

British forces on the ground stoutly resisted but did not organize counterattacks. This is antoby very good book and one that is great pleasure to read. A contemporary psychological thriller from the bestselling author of The Alienist, now a major Netflix series starring Luke Evans antlny Dakota Fanning.

Like The Alienist, Surrender brings to life the grim underbelly of a prosperous nation – and those most vulnerable to its failings. The first part is Operation Marita, the invasion of Greece by German and Italian forces and the subsequent evacuation of the Allied forces to Crete. Beevor manages to convey the horrors of warfare without resorting to the use of graphic violence. Little in Greece and Crete seems to have conformed to regulations, certainly not the archaeologists and romantics whose approach to irregular warfare had an air of fiction rather than serious military endeavour.

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After the Battle of Cape Matapan, his ship was involved in the evacuation of soldiers from Heraklion.

View high res cover image. United Crets John Murray. Only Britain stood in the way of antonj complete triumph of Nazi tyranny.

But the poem also offers hope, release, and recovery; and Guite also draws out the continuing relevance of Coleridge’s life and writing to our own time. No doubting Bernard Freyberg’s courage but his disastrous misreading of Ultra led to what should have been an at the time much needed victory over all-conquering Nazis into a catastrophic failure.

Je bestellingen in Je account bekijken of wijzigen. France, Denmark, Norway and the Low Countries were all under occupation after a series of lightning military campaigns. Probably no Though I have shelved it in War, it is not really a War book.

Crete: The Battle And The Resistance

One of Britain’s most remarkable victories of the Second World War. Using a wealth of primary materials from both British and German archives, Leo McKinstry provides a ground-breaking new assessment of the six fateful months in mid, beginning with Winston Churchill’s accession to power in May and culminating in Germany’s abandonment of Operation Sealion. As a result, the fatal delay of putting in that counterattack, and not actually having garrisoned Maleme sufficiently in the first place, was the key for the battle.

Beevor, famed historian of the Stalingrad and the The Fall of Berlinwhich awakened the world to the Red Army’s war rapes in Germany inwas still in struggling a little bit to find his meter, and although this book offers some very professional and sharp passages, on the other hand the bar has been set higher by his later accomplishments and this 11 day battle lacks some of the horrific grandeur of Stalingrad or Berlin.

But the Germans themselves recognised what a disaster it was. Germans weren’t the only ones making mistakes. Part I sets up the context with British special forces, spys and professor and the battle for the Grecian mainland.


When the day siege ended in almost a million people had died and those who survived would be permanently marked by what they had endured, as this superbly insightful and moving history shows. Our Books See all Books.

Beevor’s account is excellent: End of Watch Stephen King. Jun 24, Pages. When the German High Command encircled Leningrad it was a deliberate policy to eradicate the city’s civilian population by starving them to death.

If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world will move forward into broad, sunlit uplands,’ said Churchill. Exasperated, he demands to know his enemy. Refresh and try again.

In her early seventies Jane fell for a conman. Otherwise, you might enjoy more some other reading. Despite the areas I would build out more or disagree with I am happy I read it and recommend it. Anyone interested in the drama of humans acting in extreme and mostly confusing circumstances should find this a fascinating read.

Our Authors See all Authors. Want to Read saving…. Over a hundred soldiers were killed, either by the blast, or by burns, or by drowning when water had to be pumped in to prevent the fire spreading to the magazine. Beevor lets his own point of view influence his writing I think he is transparently upset that this was a lost opportunity instead of the first British land victory of the war. Following her divorce from her first husband, the celebrated naturalist Peter Scott, Jane embarked on a string of high-profile affairs with Cecil Day-Lewis, Arthur Koestler and Laurie Lee, which turned her into a literary femme fatale.

Jun 24, Pages Antomy. He tells great cgete in a very acceable way, and this is no exception.