August 24, This Corpse Flower, Amorphophallus titanum, is currently unnamed and a sibling to Suma, the Corpse Flower that bloomed. Titan arum, (Amorphophallus titanum), also called corpse flower, herbaceous flowering plant of the arum family (Araceae), known for its massive foul-smelling. Learn more about the Titan arum – with amazing Titan arum videos, photos and facts on Arkive.

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Each year, the leaf withers before a new one develops, using the tuber’s energy stores. The banana odour of Amorphophallus haematospadix appears to be due to isoamyl acetate while the carrot amprphophallus of A.

Help us share the wonders of the natural world. The leaf grows on a somewhat green stalk that branches into three sections at the top, each containing many leaflets.

Amorphophallus titanum – Preserving it for posterity

Thus, the two functions are blended: Hundreds of unisexual flowers are borne toward the bottom of the spadix within a protective chamber formed by the spathe and mature separately to reduce self-pollination; the dense cream-coloured male flowers are located above the pink to orange female flowers. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you amprphophallus happy with it. Once the spathe has unfurled in all its glory the female flowers are ready to receive pollinators.


Amorphophallus titanum Biggest flower on the planet!! At Kew, Amorphophallus titanum is cultivated in a tropical glasshouse, under conditions of high temperature and humidity, and kept tltanum the shade.

Titan arum videos, photos and facts – Amorphophallus titanum | Arkive

He has to hand-pollinate the individual flowers. Lesley Scott, an Assistant Curator in the Herbarium, was delighted to be involved with making the herbarium specimen: After years of growth, the inflorescence opens for only 48 hours. Usually taking 4—10 years or more between flowerings, a titan arum is often a major tourist attraction titsnum in bloom.

However in more cooler area, the plant may go dormant in winter or earlier. Solitary leaf produced after flower, can exceed 4m wide.

It normally begins to open in the evening. However, we now have a large number of plants, and as such flowerings have become a remarkably common occurrence – we have seen amorphohallus than three times as many titan arums flower at Kew in the last six years than in the previous years!

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They grow to 6 metres!! Kew’s recent flowerings In a titan arum flowered at Kew for the first time for many decades.

Amorphophallus titanum – Titan Arum – Tubers

The most recent flowering was in April It has ribbed sides and a frilled edge, and can be up to three metres in circumference. InRoseville High School tianum California became the first high school in the world to successfully bring a titan arum to bloom.


In addition to the herbarium specimen, material was collected for DNA amorphophalljs, pollen studies and distribution to other gardens, and the spirit collection. Its flowering is rare and unpredictable, and always grabs the headlines.

For the same reason, the title corpse flower is also attributed to the genus Rafflesia. What made ‘Wee Stinky’ stink. Full sun to part shade. Even though there is not a cold season in this area the plant dies down back to the tuber each year when it feels like it.

Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. The spadix is hollow and resembles a large loaf of French bread. The spathe — the large petal structure that surrounds the spadix — is ridged and deep purple on the inside.

titan arum | Description, Life Cycle, & Facts |

Get the plant into full sun to get maximum growth. World Checklist of Seed Plants 1 1, 2: The strongest smells occurred on two consecutive evenings, firstly when the female flowers were ready for pollination and then when the male flowers were ready to shed their pollen. That honour belongs to Amorphophallus gigas which has a similarly sized spathe and spadix carried on a 3 to amodphophallus m peduncle.