Among The Thugs [Bill Buford] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Among the Thugs by Bill Buford. Vintage Books, The American-born editor of the British literary magazine Granta presents a horrifying, searing account of the young British men who turn soccer matches at. They have names like Barmy Bernie, Daft Donald, and Steamin’ Sammy. They like lager (in huge quantities), the Queen, football clubs (especially Manchester.

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While the football firms are gleefully racist, and white power foot soldiers football fanatics, there’s not a true alliance between the two, because the mids leadership of the National Front are a bunch of dweebs afraid of the raw physicality of the crowd.

I really loved this book. The police are acting like thugs, but are afforded special privileges, privileges Buford has no problems with.

These are normal, working people who seem to leave the confines of civilized behavior on a weekly basis as if they were just stepping out for air. In one short chapter, Buford talks to a police captain who can’t believe that byford the States, at a football game, people show up shortly before the tthugs as opposed to rolling into town days before to drink and destroythey head to assigned seats as opposed to barb-wired, fenced-in pensthey yell and cheer for their teams rather than doing gorilla imitations when a black person handles the balland then they file out to their vehicles as opposed to crushing their way to the exit, which has resulted in injury and amkng more than a handful of times and go home as opposed to seeking out rival supporters for a good ol’fashioned beating.

Among the Thugs – Wikipedia

This is, of course, an overly simplistic summary of what Buford discovers, but what he comes to understand and convey to the reader is that all the so-called experts on the nature of crowds—from LeBron onwards—often culled their observations from second-hand sources and spun their theories from the safe distance of their ivory towers, often with an emphasis that absolves society from its complicity.

Buford comes to the conclusion that the problem is that England’s former working class, which has a strong sense of tje pride attached to it, is no longer the working class. Of course it’s all now changed, hardly any football violence happens now. It is fascinating to watch, or rather read, as Buford condemns the populace for standing up to unjust, fascist regimes.


Bill Buford has done for English soccer hooligans what Hunter S.

Among the Thugs Summary & Study Guide

It helped me, despite my knowledge albeit somewhat limited of the history of English football, to broach the phenomenon of the English soccer hooligan. Apr 19, Evan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oct 16, Shannon Windham rated it it was amazing.

It was quite an event: Dec 01, Nathaniel rated it liked it Shelves: In Belgium, euthanasia or suicide is totally legal if signed off on by three doctors, even for non-terminal things, like depression or schizophrenia or dementia. I have not thugz that many books but the ones that I did get from cover to cover were all really exceptional books with the exception of one.

Buford, who lived in the UK at the time, became interested in crowd hooliganism when, on his way home bbill Cardiff in he boarded a train that was commandeered by supporters coming from a football match. This conceit is grounded in the wrong conception of other societal ills, thjgs domestic violence. June reprint edition cover. Once someone chooses bilk cross a line, everyone collectively chooses to agree to step over the line, or holds back. Crowds are primitive, barbaric. The way he sees the world and writes, it is truly a wonder he was raised in America, and not Great Brittan, with its diffusion of class.

It is bold, but thought out, the risks weighed.

Among the Thugs

He was the fiction editor of the magazine for eight years, from April to December It was lucky that Buford’s time as a soccer hooligan matched up with some of the peaks of the violence, and also that it ended ampng the same time that the folks involved seem to be fading away and a lot of the violence was dying down.

He starts as an outsider, an American living in London for many years without ever attending a soccer game. Considering I have virtually no knowledge or interest in sports in general and football soccer in particular and am generally squeamish about violence, the fact I found this book such a great read is impressive.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Buford is also an American, and so he brings this perspective to his book.

It might be different were he acting like he was some kind of official firm member, or spun a yarn about plunging a broken bottle into the face of a Italian police officer.


As to why this particular addiction is so widespread, he makes no conjectures, which is perhaps the book’s only failing. But he describes with relentless honesty how he finds sickening things attractive. Jun 10, Vince Tuss rated it really liked it. I note the high calculation of their act — coming up behind the hatch and pulling out an armed man. It would have been interesting to read this book in its time, since the Hillsborough disaster changed so much, and for that matter a follow up, even a thusg one in the New Yorker?

Most of the people who spoke to him seem to have done so under some level of anonymity, intentionally keeping their distance, and yet he never represents himself as anything but an interested third party to them – most want him around specifically because they believe he might help them bolster their reputations. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Is it biological, innate to our species, or does it result from environmental conditions, overcrowding and poverty?

OK with Buford, but with you? Dec 09, J rated amont liked it.

The football authorities drew up new rules for every stadium in Britain: Buford does a particularly good job of retelling events that he has stuck himself in, without a camera, tape recorder, or even notebook for notes. Buford also argues that those in a crowd collectively make the decision whether or not to cross thresholds of violence. Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it.

By surrounding themselves with like-minded fellows, equally prepared to make a statement with force, the crowd overcomes the individual and a bufoord who acts as pleasant as anyone in his everyday life can become a battle-hardened criminal in the midst of the crowd. While an interesting look at the violence among football supporters of England, this book is, at heart, an ubford of what occurs during crowd violence and how such violence erupts to destroy and kill anything in its path. Among the Thugs Bill Buford No preview available – I had not expected the violence to be so pleasurable Oct 03, Kate rated it really liked it.

The flesh exposed was your standard, assembly line, gray weather English flesh.