The Unidentified Redhead (The Redhead Series) [Alice Clayton] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Clayton, Alice. In The Unidentified Redhead (Redhead Series #1) by Alice Clayton, Actress Grace Sheridan is loving her life now that she’s back in L.A. She’s. The Unidentified Redhead. When Grace Sheridan moves to Los Angeles to become a working actor, it’s a second shot at a life-long .

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View all 8 comments. I moved in to meet him and then closed my eyes. I was not su My Grace and Jack: He is the reason to her neurotic ways and they have such a great balance. Meanwhile Jack, forbidden to reveal their relationship, seems unidenticied enamored with the celebrity lifestyle. Claytoon their friends Nick and Holly her best friend and his manager have some awesome moments as well.

The banter and dialogue between Jack and Grace was classic genius. There is a nine years gap between them. Do yourself a favour and find another book. Redheead and try again. This book was very different from all the books I usually read where a woman’s jealous or irrational thoughts would blow up to some great drama.

Sep 10, Nanou rated it it was amazing Shelves: He is probably the only twenty four year old man who has so much control that he can go on without having sex with a girl he loves for almost an eternity. View all 5 comments. Wait until you read book 2. This book has more cliche’s then any book I have ever read. redheas

No guy can turn her down, she’s that flaming hot, Okay? The age difference really clagton a non-issue in my eyes. Hell no, we’re way past that. They have shouting orgasms. I know The Unidentified Redhead is the first installment on a series of three books, but this particular book has no resolution.


The Unidentified Redhead eBook by Alice Clayton | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

It was exactly what I needed right when I needed it and I’m going straight on to the next book redhezd the series! And, God, watch over and protect us, on the floor of the closet with a man. Somehow, that’s how it is for Jack. It was soft and sweet. There is no denying they have some sort of chemistry and they can go back and forth for days. Well let me go right ahead and answer that for unidenttified. It is light, cute, humorous and energetic.

Grace is one of my favourite heroines, she is down to earth, hilarious in a sarcastic and juvenile way, completely like-able and real.

Such a romantic scene and I ended up laughing so hard at this weird, funny encounter. Grace is a year-old career woman, and while I admired her ability to be goofy, I would have respected her a lot more had she acted like an adult every once in a while.

I don’t care how hot you are but if you mention my boobs in the first conversation we are having, get the fuck off.

So, to read several references in this book about this epic boy band made me want to squeal as thr I was at a concert! Even though Jack is 9 years younger than Grace, I liked that he didn’t let that get in the way and the chemistry between them was hot!

I think the best word I can come up with to describe The Unidentified Redhead is try-hard. First off, he’s British. That’s what she is. The constant “zingers” back and forth between Grace and Jack, while humorous at first, quickly began to grate on my nerves until I wondered whether these two could ever be serious with one another.


And best of all there were no games!

The Unidentified Redhead — All About Romance

Jan 08, Michelle rated it it was amazing. Return to Book Page. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph sparks. The progression was realistic and so much fun to read.

What a great book!! Just finished this one. It tries so hard to be zany, goofy, funny fun-fun that it inevitably stumbles into the realm of “uncomfortably obnoxious”. I had gone through years of quiet hell and I had all but forgotten what it was like to be loved, which is why I think I fought this so long.

I love that Grace is 9 years older than Jack and that it was an issue but not an Issue. With silly, immature senses of humor, they call each other “Asshat” and “Dillweed”.

The Unidentified Redhead

I literally cannot handle anymore. British accents were flying all over my head as I read his dialog and that alone made me swoon like a teenage girl. This author is more a miss than an HIT for me, but this series I love. Over the last month or so, this book series has made frequent appearances on my Facebook page. Seriously at times, it was like they were young teens teasing each other over the silliest things that literally made my cheeks hurt from laughing.

She’s a good writer, but I don’t care for her subject matter.