Chapters: Akilathirattu Ammanai, Akilam One, Akilam Two, Arul Nool, Akilam Nine, Saptha Kannimar Padal, Akilam Seven, Akilam Eight, Akilam Twelve, Akilam. Akilathirattu Ammanai Full Version – This is a book / edu written by Ayya Hari Gopalan with the trigger of Ayya Vaikundar. This book explains all avatars of Lord . Free Essay: Akilathirattu Ammanai Akilathirattu Ammanai, also called Thiru Edu ( venerable book), is the primary scripture of the South Indian.

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Also there is an indirect mention about BibleAllah and Quran inside the book. All the release versions except the Palaramachandran version organize the contents into seventeen sections as per the Thiru Eadu-vasippu partition.

Ayyavazhi/Akilattirattu Ammanai – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

The Bhagavata Purana is centered around Krishnaa Vishnu avatar. In addition to the panividais at Palliyarai and Sivayi Medai, in each Pathis there are different Panividais performed at the spots where Ayya performed the religious activities. It also triggered a number of reform movements including those of Ammannai Guru, though Ayyavazhi followers are spread across India, they are akilathirxttu present in South India, especially concentrated in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

So that all santor will come to Dharma Yuga and Ayya will be with us. Since Ayyavazhi is not a religion, thangals are not officially controlled by Swamithoppe.

Shiva is a deity, revered widely by Hindus, in India, Nepal. The 10th century artwork from Bihar showing the trinity of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. Though the Citar Hari Gopalan wrote the book Akilam, he claimed that he did not know any thing about the contents of the book and he woke up in the morning as usual and he didnt know what akilatuirattu had written the day before.

This Hindu synthesis started to develop between BCE and CE following the Vedic period, although Hinduism contains a broad range of philosophies, it is linked by shared concepts, recognisable rituals, cosmology, shared textual resources, and pilgrimage to sacred sites. According to the author, the book is the story of God coming in this age, the Kali Yukam or Iron Age, to rule the world by transforming it into the Dharma Yukam. It is cited as an independent monistic religion by several newspapers, government reports, in Indian censuses, however, the majority of its followers declare themselves as Hindus.


Hinduism is an Indian Dharma, or a way of life, widely practiced in South Asia. The most controversial versions of Akilam; Clockwise from top-left: It is said that social inequality and destruction of caste ethics are the main aspects of the Kali Yuga. Purusa Narayana may have later turned into Arjuna and Krsna.


The swan is an important motif in Advaita. Akilattirattu Ammanai states that all the eighteen castes take baths from that well and it was considered sacred to bathe in and to drink the water from that well. There is a well some meters from the main Pathi. Map showing the location of Pancha Pathi in Kanyakumari district.

This version is not widely accepted. As per the instructions found there in Akilam, Ayyavazhi was preached by the Citars far and wide. The sacred symbol of Ayyavazhi, The Lotus with Soul. But he won’t agree to Vishnu and would prefer to die rather than giving up. Hinduism — Hinduism is a religion, or a ammajai of life, found most notably in India and Nepal. Brahma temple in PushkarRajasthan. In the contemporary era, Shaivism is one of the aspects of Hinduism.

Of these three, the Panchalankuricchi Version is believed to have copied by from the main version by Hari Gopalan Citar. So Dharma yuga is coming soon. As soon as Ayya Vaikundar attained Vaikundam, the tied-up palm leaf text, which was until then not opened was unfolded. All the people were brought together here irrespective of caste distinctions, the mode and formalities of worship were revolutionalised in these centers.

Akilathirattu was recorded on palm leaves untilwhen it was given printed form. Although Vishnu was a Vedic solar deity, he is mentioned less often compared to Agni, Indra and other Vedic deities, other scholars state that there are other Vedic deities, such as water deity Nara, who together form the historical roots of Vaishnavism.

Ayyavazhi/Akilattirattu Ammanai

These are the questions that Advaita Vedanta thinkers have historically attempted to answer, Advaita establishes its truths, in part, from the oldest Principal Upanishads, the Brahma Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita and numerous other Hindu texts 8. This Pashupati seal has been interpreted by scholars as a prototype of Shiva Smarta Brahmins in western India c.


Author Hari Gopalan Citar states in the text that he wrote this book on a Friday, the twenty-seventh day of the Tamil month of Karthikai 13 December in akilathirattuu year CE.

In all the avathar Lord Narayana ask some one to advise the Asuran. Ayyavazhi began to be noticed initially by the number of people gathering to worship Vaikundar at Poovandanthoppe. There is a strict condemnation about the religious fundamentalism especially of the Abrahamic traditions.

The key philosophy in the book is that human beings are by themselves separated from God by the influence of Kaliand Vaikundar has come for their redemption. It is also called Vishnuism, its followers are called Vaishnavas, the tradition is notable for akilathirxttu avatar doctrine, wherein Vishnu is revered in one of many distinct incarnations.

This Pashupati seal has been interpreted by scholars as a prototype of Shiva.

Akilathirattu Ammanai

The term Hinduism, then spelled Hindooism, was introduced into the English language in the 18th-century to denote the religious, philosophical, because of the wide range of traditions and ideas covered by the term Hinduism, arriving at a comprehensive definition is difficult.

The Philosophical ideas mainly focus the ‘Ultimate oneness ‘ of nature and all living beings. The last eight chapters focus on the legendary, empirical, historical and mythical aspects pertaining to the life of Vaikundar.

So the ritual practices conducted during festival days are conducted throughout the year. The ancient emergence of Vaishnavism is unclear, the evidence inconsistent, according to Dalal, the origins may be in Vedic deity Bhaga, who gave rise to Bhagavatism. Second, akilathhirattu did cit Brahman create material world, third, if ananda Brahman is pure bliss, why did the empirical world of sufferings arise.

The Palaramachandran version is the widely accepted and the largest circulated version.