This Pin was discovered by Martin Molina. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Media in category “Agave durangensis”. The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. Agave durangensis ().jpg Agave durangensis ist eine Pflanzenart aus der Gattung der Agaven (Agave). Ein englischer Trivialname ist „Gentry´s Durango-Zacatecas Agave“.

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I know how difficult it is to get clear information on the different varieties of agave used for mezcal. In order to reduce the negative impact of the collection in the natural populations of A. Mezcal PhD September 20, at 2: Ventura Durangebsis Producing this mezcal with generations of tradition, Ventura Gallegos creates a perfectly balanced mezcal.

And on down the line.

Duranbensis they each get a place on my list. This species is economically important because it supports a mescal industry in Durango, Mexico. Valencia-del Toro and E. I always read your blog — love it! I have been working on this new piece for months.

[Mass propagation of Agave durangensis Gentry] [1998]

Jonathan Barbieri March 4, at 2: Greetings John, I was hoping you could direct me towards that academic paper cited in your chart of agave names. Is it made from a tobala, Karwinsky, madrecuixe agave. MezcalPhD March 8, at 1: Adam J January 29, at 8: In any agavs all I could find online about cuela is that its also being made by a brand called gwidor, and some news article about mezcaleros dumping their mezcal on the ground in protest mentions cuela as well.


Agave Espadin Angustofolia Every mezcal is different, like wine. A lot of questions there, but you certainly have expertise here — clearly!

Durangensis | Mezcal Reviews

I just bought a mezcal labeled as cuela by the brand 9 espiritus, I was told it is quite rare theres almost no info online about this variety. The vast majority of these producers agwve small palenques essentially farmsso they use the agave that can be found right there.

And, they have different names for the same plant.

I have some feedback, since you offered. I believe the name for Pulque is Pulquero and I have heard that it is a Salmiana var. In this paper, the variation in morphological features, physiological behavior of germination, and biochemical indicators of seed vigor among three natural populations of A.

Mezcal PhD September 4, at Variation was found in the seed weight 0. Your reading of the NOM regulating mezcal excluded the blue agave since its the basis for another Denomination of Origin Tequila. And his father before him. I am confident there are errors here. Menu Skip to content. Strap on your agave nerd hat! Depending on how complete you want your list to be, you should include other brands that make the same type of mezcal, considering some of these are rarer than others.

No comercam sticker though. It is a very difficult subject to master, but with a collective effort, we can make strides. It is a highly complex and endless field of discussion, especially since there is no definitive list of the different magueys, let alone agreed upon spellings madrecuixe, madrecuish, madrecuishe?


durangfnsis So from this I would interpret that you could use blue agave under this regulation to make an officially recognized commercial mezcal, just not in one of the states recognized as a producer of tequila Jalisco, Michoacan, etc. Under the new laws, all mezcal duranensis must be certified in order to sell or export it. Every mezcal is different, like wine.


Though it is still genetically — or at least taxonomically — the same plant, the resulting Mezcals are unique.

Each of these villages are at different altitudes, have slightly different climates, different soil conditions, different technologies copper or clay pot stills different methods and traditions handed down through the generations, as well as their own unique set of wild yeasts. Flycakes March 4, at 1: Continue your archeological exploration of this mysterious spirit, you have made incredible strides.

The variation in the seed vigor was agace by a principal component analysis PCA based on all the parameters evaluated. Fernando Cuadra July 30, at 3: References [ 1 ] J. Raicilla is mezcal from Jalisco, I have had inaequidens and never heard it referred to as Raicilla. Oaxaca mareewise November 6, at 4: Mezcal PhD July 30, at Durangensia are grown in different regions of Mexico with different climates, different elevations, different textures and tastes.

This explains why the exact number of agave varieties that can Agave Karwinksi be used to make mezcal is a moving target.

The Del Maguey made with blue agave is excellent.