II ADNOC HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT A Library of HSE Systems , Programs and Procedures will be maintained by. ADNOC E&S Division. HSE Manual Description. VIKING Emergency Training Drills. VIKING Planned Equipment and Facilities Controls. ADNOC 10 Golden Rules of Safety (GOLDEN RULES OF work activities in line with requirements of respective HSE procedures & manuals.

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If an incident occurs during the dive, the communication record must be retained for any subsequent investigation.

Are minutes distributed to relevant gse personnel, clients and sub-contractors? Therefore, it requires regular inspection, maintenance and testing to ensure it is fit for use, e.

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Overlapping functions must be hsf identified in procedures. They must have the original certificate in their possession at the site of the diving project – copies must not be accepted. Such procedures can be found in industry guidance [Ref.

Scientific and Archaeological Diving Diving carried out for the pursuance of scientific or archaeological activities. Suitable certificates or copies must be provided at the worksite for checking.

They must be competent to provide the level of assistance that the diver expects and needs. They must be in possession of a aadnoc from the Diving Contractor appointing them as a Diving Supervisor.


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Each supervisor will only be able to provide adequate supervision of a defined area of operations, including dealing with foreseeable contingencies or emergencies. The design must also prevent spinning or tipping, protect the divers from falling objects and carry sufficient breathing media for emergency purposes [Ref.

It is not a pressure vessel. It must be designed with a chain or gate at the entry and exit point to prevent the divers falling out, and with suitable hand holds for the divers.

Full text of “ADNOC COPV 4 09( Ver 1)”

In saturation diving, the divers must be asked to undertake a bell run exceeding 8 hours from seal to seal. Guidance on this subject exists. The standby diver must be dressed to enter hsr water but need not wear a mask or helmet, although these have to be readily available. This will prevent the diver being supplied with the wrong percentage of oxygen even if the breathing medium is compressed air.

ADNOC 10 Golden Rules of Safety Pages 1 – 21 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

This level of training will also require mamual training at regular intervals normally every three years that will comply with DMAC Training [Ref. Procedures have been developed for the safe use of electricity under water, and any equipment used in a diving operation must comply with this guidance [Ref. Hyperbaric Environment Where the pressure is higher than atmospheric i. For each major unit, the system must identify the frequency with afnoc each task is to be undertaken and who should do the work.


It is a requirement that sets of DP alarms are repeated in the diving control center. This will normally mean establishing that the person has had sufficient training coupled with experience. Purpose The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that the initial safety assessment of a Contractor is conducted in a consistent and auditable hwe.

All supervisors must have a copy of the dive plan. Normally relies on computer control and built in redundancy levels. Diving Contractors must prepare and authorize the use of such manuap as part of the planning for diving projects. The normal solution is to use a mixture adnox helium and oxygen as the breathing gas.

Diving operations near or on the bottom can stir up fine grained sediment which may reduce visibility particularly in low or zero current situations. Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme Part 4. Such a doctor will have undergone specialized training and have demonstrated experience in this field.

Conversely, in very warm waters nothing more than cotton overalls may be reguired. The absolute minimum team required to conduct a safe closed bell dive within the scope of this COP will be seven diving personnel i.