Fill Acog Antepartum Record, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. VARICOSITIES/PHLEBITIS. THYROID DYSFUNCTION. 24, ANESTHETIC COMPLICATIONS. TRAUMA/VIOLENCE. ACOG ANTEPARTUM RECORD. Additionally, the prenatal record both guides and documents the delivery of good American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) antepartum.

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One recent addition to the initial laboratory testing is the universal offering of human immunodeficiency recorrd HIV screening for all pregnant women.

The term initial prenatal visit is used here to identify the process of initiating prenatal care.

Many offices and institutions develop their own prenatal record forms to fit the special needs and interests of the physicians using them. One study estimates that one-third of all adverse outcomes is a result of poor communication among obstetric providers. Caring for Our Future: A cardiac examination antepattum murmurs or arrhythmia is important to rule out an acquired cardiac problem e.

Antepartum Summary Extension – All ACOG Forms

This form uses a risk-oriented approach to highlight potential adverse outcomes and records required and optional laboratory tests for your pregnant patients. This same data is required at any visit to Labor and Delivery for any other problems or special needs a patient may require. Incomplete information can be a danger to the mother and child and result in injury, inadequate treatment or undesirable outcomes.

Although the patient and her care provider may plan for a vaginal natural method of delivery, there is a substantive chance the delivery route may be surgical, requiring anesthesia and post-surgical care. It has been integrated with athenahealth Electronic Health record.

The findings of the initial ultrasound evaluation should be documented and should include fetal number, EGA, placental location, and amniotic fluid volume.

The Prenatal Record and the Initial Prenatal Visit | GLOWM

While only one hospital was involved in this study, one can see the extent of the issue, with pregnant patients possibly going to a different hospital than planned preterm labor, rapid labor and unable to make it to the planned delivery hospital, or visiting a distant citymoving mid-care, or with a covering physician rather than the primary obstetrician on call.


The most commonly ordered prenatal laboratory studies for the initial visit are listed in Table 1. Estimating the date of confinement: Early risk-assessment systems divided patients into high-risk and low-risk groups.

Although most pregnant women are healthy, illnesses that affect the reproductive age group can occur in pregnancy and include thyroid disorders, hepatitis, adnexal neoplasms, uterine fibroids, and even cancer e. All good prenatal record systems contain several well-defined components.

Women’s Health Care Physicians

The record should reflect the accuracy of the date, cycle length, and normality of the LMP. The timing of the initial ultrasound in an otherwise uncomplicated pregnancy should be early enough to allow confirmation of gestational dating 20 weeks but late enough to do a basic anatomy screen 16 weeks. Because the examination performed at this visit may be the first physical examination the patient has had in years, a complete screening examination is indicated.

However, this brief, simple examination can be performed at the initial visit or be delayed until closer to delivery. If one were to attempt to make an analogy between prenatal care and building a house, the prenatal record might be seen as the blueprint and checklist for construction, and the initial prenatal visit as the foundation and framework on which the rest of the structure is built. Patients with some medical problems have specific nutritional needs e.

A Prospective observational study of domestic biolence during pregnancy. Basic demographic information includes the patient’s self-identified ethnicity, religious preference, educational background, age, and contact information.

Many important management decisions in obstetric care rely on knowledge of the current estimated gestational age EGA. Expansion of the Antepartum Summary would provide the capability to electronically communicate pertinent patient history, treatment, lab and imaging information collected over the course of a 40 week pregnancy to care providers and institutions ambulatory, hospital, specialists, etc.


Demographic Information Basic demographic information includes the patient’s self-identified ethnicity, religious preference, educational background, age, and contact information.

Missed opportunities for intervening in the lives of pregnant women addicted to alcohol or other drugs. Obstetric patients must have a complete summary of antepartum care available for all care providers and for labor and delivery staff. It is useful to note the presence of nipple abnormalities that may affect breastfeeding. This chapter incorporates the elements of the first visit into the discussion of relevant portions of the prenatal record.

Yost NP, Bloom S, et al: The Content of Prenatal Antepzrtum. This data must all be presented and evaluated upon entry to the Labor and Delivery Suite to acov optimal care for the patient and the fetus.

A useful approach is to record the results of basic laboratory studies as they are performed e. The new pregnant patient completes this form for a thorough medical, gynecologic, and family history; health exposures; and genetic and psychosocial screenings.

Additionally, the prenatal record both guides and documents the delivery of good prenatal care. It is important that a thorough medical history, covering conditions that could affect the pregnancy, be taken. Good prenatal care depends on careful surveillance for and assessment of risks, thoughtful interventions to address any identified risks, and education of the prospective parents to promote well being.

Should the patient arrive prior to the chart copy arriving, or if the chart or information within the chart is missing on presentation of the patient to Labor and Delivery a antepsrtum occurrenceoften the staff or clinicians repeat laboratory or imaging studies. Changes in the EDD and the reasoning behind the change should be documented in the record. This can be beneficial in the event of medical or legal questions regarding the care provided.