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The Brazilian participants in the study, displayed differences in education in only 6 of the 31 subtests proposed C3, C10, C14, C15, C22 and C28as shown in Table 3.

Many individuals report more than four years catacteristicas schooling, but act like functional illiterates, that is, they only know how to write adalculia name and a few isolated words.

Acalculia – Wikipedia ; Acalculia is an acquired impairment in which patients have difficulty performing simple mathematical tasks, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and even simply stating which of two numbers is larger. Incidentally, in total mental calculations 20,21males performed better in Arabic numbers and counting. The formation of the elementary and middle school instruction differs, especially between public and private education Prior studies 3,25 that investigate the correlation between age and calculation report that age did not display any significant role on calculation or in terms of processing speed.

Additionally, social exposure can affect number processing and calculation, caractetisticas when the subject has little instruction.

For example, in French the number 83 would be represented by quatre vingts trois, 90 would be quatre vingts dix, whereas in German, the numbers starting from 20, are pronounced backward, 93 becomes 3 and 90, drei-und-neunzig. Considering these perspectives, in countries such as Brazil, with a broad socio-cultural diversity, cognitive tasks should always be investigated in the healthy population since factors such as gender, schooling and age can affect cognitive performance on other cognitive tests 17, This task tests the subject’ ability to perform sums, subtractions and multiplications, which involve access to numerical facts and calculation procedures such as carrying and borrowing.


In the neuropsychological domain, however, just a few research has been carried out to explore the relationship between mathematical test performance and performance of other cognitive tests 1. Nevertheless, adults with a higher level of education did not demonstrate any statistically significant difference regarding sex In conclusion, regarding the performance of the Brazilian population evaluated in this study, in all the EC battery of tests, we noted that gender and age were not factors influencing performance.

Assessing health numeracy among community-dwelling older adults. This task consists of questions related to numerical knowledge of specific facts such as the number of days in a week.

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Intuitive observation points to a significant dispersion of arithmetical abilities in healthy subjects. BiDouble dissociations of word and number processing in auditory and written modalities: Evaluation of the data of the healthy population shown in this study indicated that educational level can affect calculation and number processing, It is possible to note that battery EC demonstrated sensitivity for appraisal of these abilities and therefore can be employed for clinical assessment in calculation and number disorders.

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There was no time limit for executing the tasks.

Usually, however, it is assumed that any normal person should be able to use one-digit multiplication tables, to use the four basic arithmetical operations, to solve simple arithmetical problems, to memorize seven digits after a single presentation, and to use diverse numerical information in everyday life This data displays the broad variety of answers given by the Brazilian participants.

Estimation of the caraccteristicas of an operation 1 subtask, C All subjects completed the battery. Expressive language disorder F. This task evaluates the capacity to compute the acalcula of a set of discrete elements dots with different spatial arrangements.

This “effect” was not visible in the present study Caracreristicasin which we verified that the participants with between one and five years of education maintained the same percentage of correct answers, as did those with 9 and 12 years of education and those with over 12 years of schooling Age did not influence the groups studied Lemaire P, Acalcjlia L. The importance of age on performance on the controls of the different tests of the EC was verified using the Spearman coefficients.


Statistical analysis The Chi-square x 2 test was applied without the Yates correction to compare categorical data. The wall weakens as balloon grows larger and may eventually burst causing hemorrhage.

This task evaluates mental calculation requiring the subject to access knowledge of number facts, and to perform simple operations. Arithmetical signs 2 subtasks, C16, C A Michigan Nonprofit with global reach. The educational level was significantly linked to performance in the majority of tests of the EC battery, whereas no differences were noted regarding age and gender.

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It consists of multifactorial processes, including verbal and spatial abilities, memory and executive functions 1. Written calculation 3 subtasks, C26, C27, C Situaciones que deben evitarse: It caracterusticas characterized by adaptability in the use of ideas and generalization. Subjects have to point to the best approximation among four alternatives of the correct result of a complex operation. Thank you very much. Neuropsychological assessment in illiterates.

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Similarly, professional activities developed over a life-time, might promote direct contact with calculations and arithmetic rules. The effect of education was significant for complex spoken verbal counting, number transcoding involving a written but not an oral response; number comparison especially in alphabetical czracteristicas mental calculation; written subtractions and multiplications but not additions.

X ray of the carxcteristicas caracteristicas. The lesions in the areas of language in the left cerebral hemisphere produce alterations in comprehension and in the production of numbers, and therefore in carrying out the arithmetical operations Despite being a frequent symptom and its association to numerous systemic and neurological diseases, no clear study