Contents Page Manavaala Mamunigal’s Services to Srivaishnavism 1 Preface to Arthi Prabandham 4 Thaniyans 6 Paasurams 7 Nigamanam 62 ManavALa. It is our pleasure to announce the launching of the “web” release of Arthi Prabandham with Commentary by the Revered Sri Sri Thirumalai. Aarthi prabandham is making us drown in Ramanuja Bakthi, I also heard. that there is a misconception that it was done by Swami Manavala.

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Our fatherly figure Ethiraja was asked by Lord Ranganatha to stay prabanrham Srirangam permanently. I have attained the feet of Thiruvaimozhippillai — a doyen glorified by other renowned scholars. His grace is universal. Similar pronouncements were made by Maamunigal at the birth place of Thirumangai Azhwar, while worshipping Lord Dhevaraja at Kanchipuram Maamunigal was very much absorbed in the Divine beauty of the Lord.

The idea conveyed is clear. Indeed the place is as famous as Thirunagari where saint NaMmalwar was born and where the limpid waters of Porunai Tamiraparani River flows. It is the day when the teaching enunciated by Azhvars like Parakala, Parankusha in their prabandhams spread very widely.

The purity of the atma i.

Is there another person like me in this whole universe who keeps committing the kind of mistakes I do? You are born in this world of samsara repeatedly as you had been wasting your time by wicked acts. In short it means as follows: Gurunatham and Battamatham have been vanquished completely.

Continuing from 20th verse discussed earlier, Mamunigal explains to us the structural arrangement in paramapadham through this verse. You are the embodiment of abundant grace. He finds fault with Ramanuja in every role like father etc for his lapses. Bless me with the means to sever the connection with this inferior, material body! The Lord of Sri Rangam, Namperumal, blessed my father Ramanuja with a boon that he can forever stay within the comforts of Sri Rangam temple.


Hence it is proved that Maamunigal composed this prabandham before he was asked to stay permanently. Please bless me with a devotion of that kind such that I can forever remain a servant to you. May the beauty of your body posture, in which you are seated in Padhmasana with a mudra of knowledge, live long! In addition, Ramanuja had also decided to offer Mamunigal a place in Paramapadham. Ethiraja even though I am responsible for my destruction due to my fault, our relationship casts a duty on your to lift me from adversity as you are in the role of a mother 14 MaNavALa MAmunigaL is an ardent devotee of Pillai Lokacharya and hence he reflects the thoughts of that savant in this stanza.

Aarthi Prabandham : Dr. Narinder Sharma : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Maamunigal pays his gratitude to his Acharya who was solely responsible to divert his devotion exclusively to Ramanuja.

It is for the jivas to realize the everlasting continuity of this relationship with the Supreme Self. This longing for worldly desires, which is at loggerheads with the realization of Atma Swarupam, has got into me surreptitiously without my realization.

People of Maya school have been won over in the stage of origin itself. The relationship between jivas and axrthi continues from time immemorial. In this verse, Manavala Mamunigal refers to Ramanuja as his father, mother, children and all his prized possessions. It will not be possible for his consorts too. Oh Ramanuja, I keep advising others about the actions that are forbidden according to the sastrams. Now my mind realises that it should think of Prabandam only and nothing else due to grace of Ethiraja who is adored universally.

Vaduga Nambi was one of the renowned disciples of Ramanuja. Will Nammazhwar, the foremost of the Prapannas and an embodiment of divine auspicious qualities forgive me?

In the verses we have seen so far, Mamunigal had been discussing at length about how it was difficult for him to overcome the distractions of this world and direct his mind towards serving the feet of Ramanuja.


Aarthi Prabandham

When are you going to deliver me from this misery and elevate aartthi to paramapadham? Hence he submits a passionate appeal at the Holy feet of Ramanuja. At that time, various schools of thought were praabndham and did not accept Vedic thoughts and others who though accepting Vedic authority misinterpreted them.

While it is so in that immortal world, this body due to its Karma surviving in this world is being deprived of that eternal bliss. No doubt it is his last work but it was composed well in advance before Maamunigal fell ill.

Through these verses, Mamunigal announces his servitude to Ramanuja and axrthi the king of hermits to similarly bless him with his abundant grace. The Lord is supposed to be the ocean of compassion He will take into account some good acts that resulted unknowingly ajGYaasa Sukrutham and reward us. Hence it is proposed to touch on the main aspect leaving the readers who are interested to learn more to study the commentaries on this work.

Though neem leaf has a bitter taste, people consume it along with food for medicinal reasons. You are capable of liberating me from my sins in a moment. Readers will pardon me for the deficiencies and take into account my sincerity. Annangaraachariyaar Swamy, who was a great authority, refutes this theory.

Is it a result of the cumulative karma, which, does not seem to reduce despite my earnest attempts to seek redemption? It is sung even today at 3 Prabzndham daily when the Temple doors open for the day.