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The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) released AAMA , a voluntary specification for field testing of newly. Newly Installed Fenestration Products” and. AAMA , “Voluntary Specification for Field Testing of Newly Installed. Storefronts, Curtain Walls and Sloped. AAMA and documents, designed for field testing of newly installed fenestration products. The aforementioned. AAMA documents were often.

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Procedure B is a cyclic static air pressure difference. Voluntary Specification for Field Testing of Newly Installed Storefronts, Curtain Walls and Aaam Glazing Systems This specification establishes the requirements for test specimens, apparatus, sampling, test procedures and test reports to be used in evaluating the performance of newly installed storefronts, curtain walls and sloped glazing systems.

Analyzing the data and establishing a cause and effect relationship between wall characteristics and the observed leakage. SITC utilizes the AAMA when conducting forensic water spray testing on windows, doors, curtain walls, storefronts, slope glazing systems and exterior walls.

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The testing procedure outlined in the AAMA This starts with a clearly defined sequence of activities that SITC follows during a investigation: Specifically excluded from this field check method is the testing of operable components such as operable window and doors. See our AAMA page for additional information if your project requires to test for the rated air leakage or rated water penetration performance.

The evaluation of the design concept to determine if any water resistance performance requirements were specified for the wall. The purpose of this voluntary guideline is to recreate leaks that are known to occur. The AAMA 503-0 steps for calculating the approximate differential air pressures the specimens experienced during actual wind driven rain events.

This specification is for quality assurance 50-08 penetration testing only. Search by product code or category or leave the product code field blank to see a list of all AAMA publications. Which would be referred to as quality assurance testing.


ASTM states that the field test may be made at the time the window, skylight, curtain wall or door assemblies are initially installed. This field check is not appropriate for testing operable components.

AAMA Combined Air & Water Testing | BETechnologies Ireland

ASTM E references the following documents: The AAMA is the first edition of this voluntary guideline. Please contact AAMA for 503-008, as needed. SITC determines what procedure to utilize based on the laboratory testing results.

These systems shall be tested per the AAMA This specification 53-08 the requirements for test specimens, apparatus, sampling, test procedures and test reports to be used in evaluating the performance of newly installed storefronts, curtain walls and sloped glazing systems.

This standard aamq utilized for either field quality assurance testing or forensic testing. ASTM states the field test may also be made after the building is completed and in service to determine whether or not reported leakage problems are due to the failure of the installed assemblies. The determination of the service history of the building to provide patterns in the observed leakage and visible damage and where to focus our investigation.

The most current edition is the AAMA There are no previous editions. The objective of forensic water spray testing is to identify and track the water aaama through the simulation of wind driven rain events.

The AAMA was first released in and has had many changes over the years. Conducting the investigative testing to verify and extend hypotheses arrived at during the document review and inspection portions of the investigation using controlled and reproducible procedures.

This differs greatly from the AAMA and AAMA field testing procedures that are intended for evaluating newly installed fenestration products or quality assurance testing. This standard is utilized for laboratory or interior mock up testing only. This guideline is for forensic or investigative water spray testing only. The specification is for quality assurance water penetration testing only. Procedure A is a uniform static air pressure difference.


The reviewing of project documents for the building. Read more about what our customers have to say SITC utilizes isolation techniques to aamq in identifying the source or sources of the reported water leakage. This specification provides a guide which can be used to evaluate the installed performance of storefronts, curtain walls and sloped glazing systems for resistance to water penetration under controllable and reproducible wind driven rain conditions.

Member discount will be reflected after successful aana to the Checkout process. The AAMA can be utilized if the project requires investigative testing. This field check procedure is only intended aaam evaluate joints, gaskets and sealant details in the glazing which are designed to remain permanently closed and water tight. This field water check method is not intended to test the rated or specified water performance representative of a wind driven rain event.

This specification is for quality assurance testing only.

The main objective of forensic water testing is to identify the leak paths through the simulation of the weather events that produced the reported leakage. The AAMA is the proper test method for field testing of storefronts, curtain walls and sloped glazing for air leakage and water penetration resistance performance. Please read our simple purchasing instructions first to ensure a smooth transaction.

Water Penetration Field Testing

See our AAMA page for additional information. It can only be utilized prior to the issuance of the building occupancy permit and no later than six months after the installation of the fenestration product.

There are two different procedures listed for the test method.