The Aerosim Checkride B for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch provides pilots with a self-study tool to help prepare for the oral exam and checkride through an . Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Checkride Training App. Download Preparing airline pilots for the Boeing simulator checkride is the primary focus of the book; but interested and serious PC Simmers will also find it.

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First checkirde was open and the captain made sure I was put there for the flight — nice! For example, when we set the power up for takeoff, the sim tilts backward so we fall into our seats so we feel the acceleration during the takeoff roll. Whenever I head downtown, I always try to ride the Ferry across the Mersey.

Covers cockpit set-ups, flow patterns, limitations, emergencies, flight profiles, critical maneuvers and operational specifications. The Peninsula was impressive way back then.

It is more time off than my previous job as a regional pilot and is one of the reasons I left for CX. I was able to get some practice time checrkide our IPT — integrated procedural trainer.

Boeing Pilot Handbook (Paperback B/W version)

This trip turned out to be really great as far as timing. Your email address will not be published. That was a nice touch for a few hours. That says a lot to me. I feel good that the checks are out of the way and now I can start studying for my next checlride. I know I would have studied harder, been more focused, and worked more tirelessly. I normally ride in business class as a copilot.

  DIN 17006 PDF

No quick movements on the yoke or the airspeed will drop off below the flap speed or go over the max speed limit. Create your own questions and answers. The graphics and related descriptions used in this application represent a specific configuration and may not exactly correspond to your respective aircraft. Rolls-Royce Trent Augmented Reality.

Powerplant 38 Flashcards We sit in a large box that has the exact cockpit set up inside. I bought this app thinking it was better than this, it explains just a little bit how each bottom works.

To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the App Store regularly. I checked out the camera shops and took a stroll though the bustling streets of Hong Kong. Notify me of new posts by email. You are the man. Our sims for Cathay Pacific are in Hong Kong, so when I have a checkride, it begins with a trip across the Pacific to headquarters.

Easily create your own videos with custom categories. Information Seller Aerosim Technologies, Inc.

Boeing Checkride Guide

My end goals can get murky at times. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Sometimes, only a few chexkride seven is all we have to play with. More Views See all pictures. I love to think about that big plane, all its engines roaring, and it’s just sitting there!

Pan Am Flashcards.

Then it starts to lumber down the runway before it really starts to hum. First is definitely awesome. Wow, thanks for letting us get in on what you do on those proficiency checks! Updated graphics for iOS7. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This time around, we practiced engine failures at V2 instead of the regular V1 because a lot of data shows that most engines fail at V2 or later, not at V1.


For more pictures from the trip, click on the photo of the simulator at the top of the checkridr. If I could have only seen myself now, as a boy. We are constantly bringing updates to the App Store to make our apps better! This tool reduces study time preparations by bringing the aircraft manual information together in an easy-to-use, efficient app that truly prepares pilots for the oral exam and checkride. What a feeling, indeed. I had the dinner of champions: Citation M2 Study App.

Sep 18, Version 1.

Communications 13 Flashcards Flight Controls 47 Flashcards 6. You might not remember it, but when we were in Hong Kong when you were young, we walked by the Peninsula Hotel on our excursions. I can’t say, but it better be one important checkrode meeting, that’s for sure. Captain Mike Ray’s anxiously anticipated ‘Unofficial Boeing Simulator and Checkride Procedures Manual” has finally arrived and is ready for purchase. That is, until six months from now. The IPT is a multi-computer chevkride computer with touch screens that simulate the cockpit controls.

There are regulatory items that we have to cover for our licenses to remain valid, like engine failures and approaches, that happen each six months.