Twelve Alwars have contributed to the hymns in the Naalayira Divya Prabhandham. They are Poigai alwar (பொய்கை ஆழ்வார்), Bhutat alwar. See photos, profile pictures and albums from 12 Alwars. The āḻvārs, also spelt as alwars or azhwars are 12 devotional saints born in the region of south India. These saints wrote devotional poems in.

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He has written six works which are listed as Peria Tirumozhi, Thirukkurundhandakam, Thirunedunthandakam, Tiruvezhukutrirukai, Siriya Thirumadal Periya Thirumadal, A great traveller, his poems are couched in powerful diction that alwras the inner life of a spiritual seeker with great honesty. But that doesn’t imply no such intense avatar can be born now.

Finally the Lord took pity on him and announced his innocence. Alwaars collection of their hyms is called ‘ Divya Prabandham ‘ They are in number.

Henceforth she came to be 122 as Soodik Koduthaal Amuktamalyada. In addition they helped to make the Tamil religious life independent of a knowledge of Sanskrit. They were all ayOnijars — one who is not born from a human mother. It is said that Madhurakavi Alvar was aalwars first to discover Namalvar’s spiritual brilliance when he asked the hitherto silent young man: The eleven verses sung by him begin with the word ‘Kanninun-Siruthambu’ which means a rope made of tiny knots. Part of a series on.

When on a pilgrimage to Srirangam, she gained an ineffable vision of the lord and merged with him. The word Alwar means the one who saves. One sees the One unalterable Truth everywhere. Vipranarayana returned to his service and life of pure devotion. We should follow all the 12 alwars. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Encyclopaedia of the Hindu World: Toggle navigation Divine Avatars. There are some reasons why these are special.


12 Great Alwars, Alvars, Azhwars, Nammalwar, Sri Andal, Alwar, Hindu Temples, Periyalwar

Periyalvar has been given the pride of place in Nalayira Divya Prabandham because his “Pallandu” verse are not a prayer but a benediction to the Alwwars So, no alwar will be born because the completion of the work has already be made. Thirumazhisai Alvar was their younger contemporary and thus among the earliest Alvars.

Tirumangai spent long years of his life in Srirangam constructing and strengthening the temple’s fortress walls. He was the first to see the Lord as a little child. Narayanathe ultimate and He pervades in 112. Similar thing was discussed in brief in my answer here about YAmunAchArya. Views Read Edit View history. Perialvar’s verses describing the flute-play of Krishna are sweet and sublime. His Perumal Thirumozhi consisting of verses are luminous examples of absolute self-surrender to the Divine.

This is called Dravida veda. The Supreme Lord taught the intricacies of the Sri Vaishnavism along with mula-mantra, divya-mantra and the charma sloka — the three mantras that the Sri Vaishnavas regularly chant or contemplate on — to his consort Sri-deviwho is also worshipped as Mahalakshmi. This is parama-bhakti, not merely transcendent, but superior verily to that also.

So, their mission is accomplished. It is also the most musical of Nammalvar’s compositions. All these poems were compiled by Sri Nathamuni around 9th century A. Perialvar returned to Srivallipputtur where he engaged himself in tending a garden and offering the Lord Vatapatrasayi garlands of fresh flowers.

And who should come as his xlwars victim but Ranganatha himself? Some modern scholars suggest that they lived during 5th – 9th century CE, “on the basis of a few historical evidences”, although no “clear” evidence exists to fit them between 5th to 9th century CE. The saints had different origins and belonged to different castes. There are only alwafs alwars.


About 12 Alwars

The mystic presence illumined in a flash the true nature of Reality to Poykai, Bhutan and Pey Alvars, The gnostic experience opened up the floodgates of sovereign devotional poesy for it was not inferential knowledge but direct perception that had brought the Alvars to the Divine.

This prabandham is the essence of the Vedas. It was raining heavily and so they sought shelter in the front room of a house. Alwarrs, commentaries were written by other great bhaktas. As the work is completed and there is no incomplete task, there is no need of the incarnations in the future. Retrieved from ” https: Meaning who have immersed very deep and has returned back for us.

In other words, they showered praise on temples of Lord Vishnu. His attachment to Sri Ranganatha who was worshipped by Rama himself was phenomenal.

Andal considered Sri Periyalwar as Her preceptor and loved the Lord. These saints wrote devotional poems in Tamil in the praise of Vishnu directly or his incarnations or his deity forms in different places. This is discussed in this question. Only these 12 alwars could be able to complete the prabandham.